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So what have I been up to? A lot to remember.

Let’s start a whole month ago with First Year Parents’ Weekend – my mom flew out, which was great.  I stayed with her at the hotel for a couple nights – it was nice to have a big bed for a change!  We listened to a career speaker who is Mel Brooks’ lawyer, and whose career sounded more James Bond film than real life – the amazing things you can do with a liberal arts degree! That weekend we also went to the Ivy Room – my first time there, it was much better than I thought it would be!

And between then and now…Trevor visited! Hold on a minute while I go look at my tweet history. Well for you, you just keep reading. And you would probably read a whole lot quicker than it takes me to write this. But I will type some superfluous stuff here for you to read to make it seem like I’m looking at my tweets.  Even though I am spending double the time by typing all of this and then looking at the tweets.  

So since then, I’ve attended meetings for Scrabble Club, worked on my CMUNC background guide, and have seen pouring rain and snow.  I’ve had a Chinese prelim, and in Info 1300, we’ve been learning PHP, which has been really interesting for me.  There was a Tuesday night (October 26) when I stayed at Uris until almost 11, and came outside – in pouring rain.  Some of the heaviest downpour I’ve ever seen. Stopped in a bus shelter for 5 minutes – I’m not sure why, that route doesn’t run at night, and the bus shelter bench wasn’t exactly dry. I was contemplating going back and sleeping in Uris for the night, but I decided to go out and push on back to the dorm.  Info 1300 project groups have been created, and we’ve been meeting and developing over the last month – including our meeting in the Johnson School enclosed courtyard – where I very much felt like a conspicuous undergrad. I wonder if grad students can tell us apart. I’ve also left my umbrella on a bus, and bought a new replacement one – it’s not as nice, but it’s a few inches larger, so I suppose I gain some, I lose some.  There have been some really interesting Gov lectures – Democracy, Locke, and Feminism.  There was snow on Halloween, and a ninja attack in the RPCC dining hall.  I’ve also registered for next semester classes – it looks like I’m going to be very busy – both in class and walking between classes.  Calculus, a couple STS classes, more Chinese, and a long walk from one end of campus to the other in 20 minutes.  That’s going to be a good mile walk. And a nice portion of that uphill somewhat.  There was the midterms – I watched live coverage until midnight up in the skylounge, with Jonathan for a while.  I think what was very disappointing was that MSNBC did not use the Decisions 04/06/08 music! I felt lost without it.  But life goes on. Professor Kramnick talked about his Selection Theory instead of Elections – quite thought provoking.  I’ve talked with my academic advisor a few times about next semester’s classes.  I saw someone shooting fireworks in the Court Kay Bauer Courtyard while I was webcamming! Though by the time I grabbed my camera, it was too late.  I’ve gone to Professor Sengers’ office hours in Collegetown -  really nice building, but really far as well.  I got my music composition program, so I’ve spent some time working on some new pieces down at Lincoln.  I went to a writer workshop, where the tutor looked a bit like Ms. Chu!  I attended a networking workshop, and ran into Han there, so that was pretty interesting.  Conan O’Brien is back! Another show to add to my internet lineup! Jimmy Fallon is now parodying vampire shows.  And it’s counterculture and computing in my writing seminar.  Far out duuuude.  More Wind Symphony practices, lots of dinners with Jason  - concert next Saturday!  CUPB elections - my unsuccessful run, but congratulations to all the new (and returning!) E-Board members! And really interesting Feminine lecture for government, about Martin Luther and physical reasons for male superiority – and the mention of a woman sitting on her fundament to tend the house and children.  It’s mindblowing to see that what we think of as funny and preposterous could have been a widely held belief mere centuries ago. 

And that brings us to this weekend.  Pretty cool weekend.  Friday was dinner with my CSA big/little family – Phillip, Wences, Deyu, and her friend Beverley. We went to a Chinese owned Vietnamese restaurant in College Town – lots of fun, it was a good meal – and much better than the Cornell Asian food! I had a good time with them!  I think it’s a good group that fits my personality pretty well.  Had some nice conversations with them.  That night I went to the skylounge – watched some Star Trek, news, and Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving while doing some homework and work work.  Saturday, I did more work, and went with Stephen to the mall – one of those mental breaks to “not feel like a college student” for a while.  Em was at the bus stop, she needed to make a grocery trip, so we rode with her – interesting web of 6th degree connections between us – that was cool.  At the mall, we walked through Target, got pretzels, went through Borders a bit.  It was a nice break.  That night I had dinner with Stephen and some of his friends.  Today, was SIG meeting, maybe I should go to more of those.  Check out! Not that you can see much without a Cornell email…but I’ve got some work on the site!  And today was also a Info 1300 group meeting in Libe Café – cool stuff there.  Dinner with Stephen and Dhaval tonight, and back to work. Lots of hours spent today on CMUNC Background Guides – even more fun.  But right now it seems like everyone’s looking forward to Thanksgiving. Another week to hold in there. Then there’s only 1 week of class,  study week, finals week, and we’re done! And that’s my last month in quick summary.

I’d do #worldslongestmarathon, but it looks like Tweetstats is down now – so I’ll do a super long special dedicated post to that sometime in the future!

11/14/2010 03:31:09 pm


Esther Lee
11/15/2010 11:08:45 am

Hey Richmond!
You seem quite busy but good at the same time. Good to hear or read :) haha. Winter break is already almost here. Time goes by really fast, no? Hope to see you during winter break, maybe? Take care!
Esther Lee

Kevin Hayakawa
11/30/2010 04:44:47 pm

Richmond! We never talk =/ But I'll IM you the next chance I get, which will probably not be at this hour.... Anyway, I'm glad to see that you're doing well at Cornell. OH, and you're missing Hack Fest today! Trevor told me you left Rowland on Saturday/Sunday, but maybe I'll see you over winter break. Good luck on your finals! =)


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