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Happy August all! I’m glad I’m able to type up this blog – we didn’t have electricity for a while today (and last night too – though it came on in the morning for a while. I wasn’t actually here for most of today’s outage – but it was still out when I came home from interning).

And a Happy Monday to everyone too – another work week starts. The morning commute today was pretty good, except the bus in the morning was quite hot, and only one person opened a window! Summer sure is here now! But the relief of AC in the office building felt quite soothing.

Today’s work was continuing last week’s work on viral marketing research. I got to play with the actual product today (not completed yet though), which was pretty fun too! Excited to see it when it’s finished! I could hear different people around the office playing it actually. Put all of my research into a little word doc presentation (headings, table of contents), went over it a couple times with the person who’s been supervising my work the past week, and sent it off - I think it will probably get forwarded on to the marketing team that’s working on this project. I appreciate that what I’m doing is not merely busywork, but looking up things that may actually be used, or spark a good idea in someone else.

Some stuff on Thomas the Tank Engine again (the railway series, not that tv stuff!). Looking out for copies of The Island of Sodor: It’s People, History and Railways by Rev. W Awdry and Sodor: reading Between the Lines by Christopher Awdry – 2 companion books to the railway series. Both out of print books which show the fictional history of the island and trains, including how it was affected by real world events like the nationalization and later privatization of British Railways (see, there’s real cultural and historical connections there! Not in the tv show though!) A more adult history of Thomas if you will. Except being out of print and relatively rare means all the ones I can find are 200+ dollars (or pounds, in which case it’s even more!) Though I have found some Christopher Awdry stories written for Thomas annuals (I think it’s like a magazine?) which I think take place in the original prime railway series universe (now I feel like I’m talking about Star Trek series!), but anyways, there are some people who have narrated them, so it’ll be cool to listen to some new short stories – like bedtime stories all over again!

Today I found the Media news section on the Huffington Post website – news about news! Or the news industry rather (and larger media industry). Some very interesting articles, about tv hosts, news contracts and the like, it’d be interesting to read to get some more info and viewpoints on the tv industry.

Last, work days means less time for tv (whether on real tv or hulu) – I’m behind on episodes of Conan and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – I have no idea how I watched all of this last year, along with a host of other shows too. But it’s a scary realization about the “real world” and how time will be different than it is in college. (It always seems easier – no homework with a job! – well usually – But plenty of other things to worry about I suppose).  But some nights it’s tv show or sleep? Sleep usually wins out. Oh well, life goes on…

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