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Today felt like a very productive day! Today we got up early and made a quick family trip back down to Dana Point to pick up the car, and I drove back on the freeway. Though after hitting high freeway speeds, it feels like driving on regular streets is very slow! 40mph used to seem pretty fast, but not so much now…

At home, I put in a few more hours on the website I’m working on – I got the system working to the point where people can post certain information – I still need to work on searching that information and subscribing to that information. Sorry I can’t be more upfront on the details!

I started practice clarinet too today, which I haven’t played for quite a while now. Just playing a few long tones and some scales, but it was good to get the air back through the instrument and my fingers moving again! My mom went to some lunch function, but brought home take out dim sum, which was good. Then in the afternoon, I went out on my own mini shopping trip. Looked at some grills at Home Depot. Then I went to Sam Ash to look for some music for my clarinet music audition for CU Winds in about a month. I almost opened the door the wrong way though – in the UK a lot of doors opened inward, so you’d push to enter (seems like a safety hazard?) – Kelsey and Nicole got a good laugh of me finding this out the hard way at the hostel in Scotland. But most doors in the US open outward (pull to enter, push to exit). Anyways, I spent a lot of time at Sam Ash looking for music – trying to find pieces not too hard and not too easy, or ones that look hard but end up being the same 16th note pattern repeated 12 times. So I picked a couple out after at least half an hour – time to try them out now! Made a stop in Best Buy to price some things, then over to Target to get some clothes, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. Good car trip overall.

And once at home, I had time for a quick dip in the pool – time to swim some laps and play with my lego “oil rig.” All in all, a productive day – I did quite a lot (not mentioning some work related emails I sent and received), and a relaxing evening watching Huell Howser visit the corner of California in Lake Tahoe (the convex corner), where he humorously leaned over the boat to put a little floating California flag in the water, and watching a Discover Channel documentary on the killing of Osama Bin Laden (gee, isn’t it a bit soon for that? Modern television…) Hope the rest of my summer is this productive!

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