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Today was also a pretty normal day. I spent a good chunk playing Locomotion – an early 2000s game, which is like SimCity meets Roller Coaster Tycoon (the old version) – basically you’re building a transportation company (utilizing lots of trains!), in an old Roller Coaster Tycoon type interface. It’s a lot of fun, and I probably spend too much time on it! Maybe it’s a bit nerdy, but I love trying to figure out different signal and station configurations to try to make my railroad system the most efficient. I remember when we were in London, each time we took a train and I saw something cool, I went to try to incorporate it into my game!

Besides the game, I put in some more time working on that website – I think I got some good things, viewing individual posts, adding some links to the posts, and figuring out default settings for when you browse different posts. I suppose it’s trying to build like Twitter (did that already! Cool!) with Amazon search functionalities, with some stuff from other sites. A lot of work. Thanks to the Mythbusters for accompanying me while I was working.

I also had the chance to make more homemade popcorn today! I love the stuff – just some salt, oil, and popcorn kernels, none of that processed microwave stuff. Even though some people find the flavor bland (no buttery stuff – and I didn’t use a “u” in flavor!), I find it delicious! And snack on it quite a lot – one pot doesn’t last me very long. At least there’s a lot of fiber in it! But it is much healthier than the microwave popcorn, so I don’t feel too bad about it. Better than potato crisps (chips).

Some exciting news down from San Diego Comic Con this weekend!
I’m just quite sad that there’s nothing Stargate related this year, as the end of the latest series, Stargate Universe, was effectively the end of the franchise (for now at least, but if it ever comes back, it’ll probably be a reboot, which just wouldn’t be the same).

My aunt and uncle came over today – traded produce with them – got some fresh tomatoes, and compared them to ours, got to see their large yellow tomatoes (we only have tiny ones), and saw their bell peppers and spicy peppers! We had lamb for dinner with pasta with a fresh homemade tomato sauce, which was wonderful! Had a pretty deep conversation with my dad about the stars and space after dinner too. 

So tonight is an early night to sleep – need to wake up at 5:30am tomorrow morning, back to my internship! Getting ready to be excited for the internship work, and ready to get mad at LA local transit for its infrequent nature (unlike what we’ve experienced in London!) – until tomorrow!

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