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Not much time tonight either, so I suppose I’ll wait until tomorrow for my LA/London transport comparison – so wait for that, it’s coming!

So for today, regular day of waking up at 5:30, leaving at 6:30 for the 7am train, getting to West Hollywood around 9am. Today was continuing yesterday’s sites/blogs/brands for marketing a mobile app. It’s interesting to see all the research and work that goes into these promotions. Also saw today’s Abe’s Market live videocast (they sell natural goods in their online store, mostly foods), and the end of today’s show marked the return of the Loveologist Wendy Strgar – she’s quite an entertaining character about sexual health and her natural products – here’s a link to her first appearance (content warning – not really PG, things get kinda crazy (but entertaining too) in her talk) -   . My research got sent to some other people who found it useful, I think it’s really cool to see that what I’m doing is actually being seen (fingers crossed that something gets used! But even if not, maybe it’ll spark an idea in someone else).

Had to leave early for a Cornell in Hollywood Event (by taxi for 10 minutes instead of 2 hours by bus – more on my frustrations another time) with some recruiters at Fox (and had a run in with my cousin on the way, which was a nice surprise!), who had very good advice about finding work in the entertainment industry, especially regarding resumes and interviews – very glad we had that arranged for us! And on top of that, we got to sit in some nice chairs at a nice table in a nice view. I feel like the Fox Plaza building is Fox’s LA version of NBC’s 30 Rock (the building, not the show).
Fox Plaza!
Inside the Metro Rapid Bus - it had those cool accordion connectors (like when Adam and I went to Camden Arts Centre!)
Took a Metro Rapid bus back (like an express bus), and missed the last train to Industry by 3 minutes. I even did the run from the bus down the escalator through the plaza and into the train tunnels – I think I had a guy yell/laugh at me as I was running – but to no avail, I got to an empty platform. I ended up buying a sandwich at the station (past 6:30 by then) – a bit like when we bought dinner at the station at Edinburgh! But it was more fun with 12 other people. I think it had a lot of sodium though, I’m pretty thirsty now. Ended up taking a 7:10 train to Covina instead, and had to wait for a ride back home – was past 8 by the time I got home – about a 15 hour day! Wow. Here’s to tomorrow…

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