27/7/11 No Time for Titles - Richmond's Own (but unowned) Website

Richmond's Own (but unowned) Website

Another quick blog entry. I was going to type up my list of differences in public transportation between LA and London, but alas, it’s late again tonight, so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

Another 5:30 morning – though it was nice to be able to watch Chuck Todd at 6am. Got into the office a bit before 9 – I was lucky and caught the 7:37 Red Line! Today was mostly doing research for a viral marketing campaign, based off some of the information I got yesterday. It’s pretty cool being able to contribute to this project. Had some good talks with Aaron about movies today – Back to the Future!  So after a productive day, headed home. Missed the 5:30 train by a few minutes, so I ended up on the 6:05 train. I waited in the waiting area of Union Station for a while, and there was an Asian couple in a (not really professional) photoshoot, with some Asian photographers. And there was the point the photographer made them kiss while holding hands in the seats, cute, but they looked really awkward!

Fell asleep on the train after listening to my NPR podcasts – woke up thinking I missed my stop, but I was just in time, waking up about 5 minutes before my spot. Back to news about the debt limit and everything else in the Washington debate right now. And a pseudo relaxing night as well. More stuff to do tomorrow!

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