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Today was a good day – moved on to a new project from the game app, onto real TV! Today was doing some research for a tv pilot – I’m really in the thick of it now (somewhat at least) – working on tv! Sounds cool! But between this and London, this sure has turned out to be an amazing summer.

Transport wise, I’m starting to (re)settle into a routine. Nap on the first train into Union Station, because I can’t miss the stop since it’s the final stop! The rest of the commute is generally listening to a host of podcasts (mostly news or NPR), as well as on the way home. Today on the way back I was lucky enough to catch a 302 bus instead of a 2 – an express bus! The 302 doesn’t stop at the bus stop that I use, but I was lucky because there was a red light when I got there and the driver was kind enough to open the door for me and another person (and after telling us that she wasn’t supposed these “little stops”). But it was nice! There were seats for everyone to sit and no one had to stand, it wasn’t as crowded, and the AC worked (even on the chilly side a bit), and it didn’t stop very often, which was practically as fast as driving a car (not that driving along Sunset is much better, but it is significantly faster than the local bus) – and got back fast enough that I was able to make my connection and get on a (very crowded) train that got home 30 minutes earlier!

Some news items – interesting to see the public’s response to the DC sausage making with the debt ceiling – I’ve got an interesting analogy about “compromise” involving baked potatoes and hamburger – you should probably contact me about that though if you want to hear! Also sad to find out Congress hasn’t resolved the FAA renewal before their recess. I’m not sure how much is affected, what is and what is not (note to self: look into this!) but I’m not so excited about the prospect of flying back to school. It would also be interesting to see if Ithaca flights are amongst the subsidized flights or not – though I need to look that up too.

Good news on the website work front, time to start rolling up my sleeves and digging in!

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