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Today was pretty lax, but doing a lot of things! A lot of following the debt ceiling debate – interesting to watch the @BarackObama twitter feed post the Republican Members of Congress’s twitter accounts as the day went on. Also spent some time working on the website, though I need to do a lot on the input fields still. Also started practicing my clarinet! Did some work on scales. Think I found a good fast/technical piece, though that’s going to require a bit of time put in during the next 3 weeks – but I signed up for an audition slot for CU Winds, so that should motivate me! Also swam some laps, and had corned beef for dinner!

Though I spent a lot of time tonight putting subtitles on our Roehampton Fulbright Summer Institute – it’s only taken me 2 weeks to do it. No idea how the other groups did their subtitles in 2 days! So hopefully people on this side of the pond will have an easier time understanding the accents!
On another note, now that I’m doing these every day, I think I’d like to take the time and not always write a “what I did today” but something else – maybe reflective, current events, creative, or something. Perhaps. Stories in a serialized format? Making up fake inspirational quotes? Who knows, the possibilities are endless, as long as you have a pen and paper. Or a digital word processor.

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