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  We spent most of the day with at my uncle’s house (I had to drive on the freeway – yay?) with my cousins, and my other aunt came, so more cousins. It was a lot of fun – some time in the pool which was fun. I have one cousin who’s about to go into 2nd grade, and he has a great imagination! And he was a lot of fun, we all had quite a water fight in the pool, but he made up all of these little games right away with dive sticks, and shooting zombies and what not. Which I thought was great. I mean I still have a pretty cool imagination (running around like a spy perhaps? Singing this music? ), but what young kids think of never ceases to amaze me. Seems like a terrible thing to lose – not that we lose it, but soon the “real world” hits us, and what becomes important to us changes. Tis life. But I feel like a lot of times we look at kids and marvel at their imagination thinking “I used to be like that.” Is there something that says we can no longer be like that, that we cannot see the world with new wide opened eyes, to see things in new ways, to not be bound by social norms and expectations, to create purely from our mind? Go forth and imaginate!

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