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I guess I need to write, here’s day 51…but fair warning, blog entries are likely to get shorter (though maybe that’s more of a good thing for the reader? Up to you to decide…)

A little bit about today. Got up this morning, and didn’t have a big schedule.  But I went looking around at new backpacks – I really like the one I have, but I don’t want to be scrambling around to find one when my current one breaks – and took my nephew around to look at a few stores so we weren’t sitting inside all day. Took him on a little tour too – showed him some of the hills in the area, and the Back to the Future site at the mall! Awesome place!

Also spent some time swimming today – with Lego/Rokenbok sets in the pool as boats/aqua bases/oil rigs – and proceeded to bombard them with tennis balls. I wish I had thought of that myself before! It was quite fun, and a great way to spend an afternoon.

Tonight watched Ty Pennington in Britain, helping a community renovate their public pool. He said something about 911 when they brought in fire trucks and I thought “they don’t use 911 in Britain though!” – and there was rain every single day he was there – welcome to England, Ty!

Not much besides that today – last week of interning is coming up, and need to get ready for school again!

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