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Ok, so people who avidly follow me and make up my awesome fan club are probably wondering why I'm going back to the #worldslongestmarathon hashtag.  What, you're not in my official fan club?  Well that's alright. If you said yes, that's a bit scary.  

Anyways, #worldslongestmarathon is a hashtag I came up with last year to document my IB senior year on Twitter.  So I thought this year (as I document my freshman year of college with #collegemarathon, which it soon will be) that I'd go back and see what I can remember each week from last year.  It's not exactly a diary, but I'll see how helpful it is.  It's better than taking a week's worth of tweets by themselves - that'd be unmanageable!  I also had to be a bit politically cautious about things I posted on Twitter last year, so I’ll see if I can remember those things or not.  So it’s like reliving my senior year. In a cool way. So here we go!

Tweets first:
•  Day 3 of IB senior year - it's the #worldslongestmarathon. really. -_)-
•  Day 4 of the #worldslongestmarathon.RHS parking lot lines soo long-why?!?! never was before. anyways, finished math hw while my dad drove =)
•  is this "let's not im richmond day?" =( just another day (5!) in the #worldslongestmarathon called ib senior year

Let’s see what I remember.  I didn’t start this idea until the third day of school, but I do remember the first day of school, my agenda being filled completely, with no spare room.  Granted, most of it was extra supplies and papers to be signed, but it freaked me out.  I usually had a fair amount of blank space in my agenda (and I would later on in the year) – not tons, but enough to feel like I had time for some fun – but now I had an idea about how much work senior year of IB would be.

Day 4, I remember my dad picking me up in the Mercedes after school, and I was sitting in there.  This is a pretty distinct memory now, the lines were really long, he was trying to go out the back gate. And with all the influx of homework, I figured I’d worth on math homework – which I’m sure was one of Dawdy’s worksheets with algebra review based on the time in the year, but I don’t remember.  

And I don’t remember that first Friday. I think I was trying to send instant messages to a bunch of people and no one responded. Though that’s happened a few times, but it seems like that’s what happened.

Ok, maybe not the most interesting week, but I’m sure it’ll get better!  


Virginia wrote: “…I received this error: "There are too many exclamation points in your comment. Please remove some exclamation points and try again." …”

Answer: Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jowel wrote: “PC PRIDE ALL THE WAY!!!”

Answer: =D

Yongjin wrote: “Did you... like... eat the the bagel after wiping your face with it?”

Answer: er….is there something wrong with that? I don’t think there was much of a difference on how soggy the bagel was between the water on my face and the downpour coming down from the sky. And it wasn’t really a wipe. More like a dab.

Priscilla wrote: “You might be the only person to ever compare Disneyland to a college book store! :)”

Answer: only the lines! It’s not as fun. There’s no Space Mountain in a book store (though I suppose if I turn my iPod on and run up and down the stairs…but it’s just not the same). And I do wish I could kick a stand once in a while here =) Thanks for the good luck, I’ll find out the results soon!
First day of classes! Later start than I wanted to, woke up at 7:40 instead of 7.  So I grabbed a quick breakfast at Appel, but I came in the upper level, so I forgot to grab my New York times! But I was able to read it later, so it worked out.
First Chinese section.  A bit intimidating. And 1-3 hours of homework every night. Though I think I’ll be ok.  I went to audit an STS class – best class ever! About science fiction movies and books, but looking at how it reflects societal and technological developments, so it’s cool.  Plus Tuesday movie nights! And no essays or tests for me! Today we talked about trying to divide science and pseudo science – talk about TOK!

After that was Picnic on the Plaza – lots of free food on Ho plaza! Met some cool Korean kids while I was there.  Went to a Chinese lecture (a bit intimidating also) and the Web programming class, which was pretty cool.  I’m interested in learning more about PHP and delving into the design part, as I have some basis in the programming. 

I spent a good hour in a music practice room this afternoon with a upright piano and my clarinet just playing whatever came to mind (ignoring my audition piece a little bit…).  But anyways, it felt very comforting – it felt right, I guess.  So I think I’m going to be spending a bit more time there.  The only problem is finding a time when the rooms aren’t all in use. 

I also made my way down to Collegetown the first time to hit Kraftees to get my Chinese course booklet as well as an INFO book the bookstore didn’t have.  Plus the bookstore line was long!! Like Disneyland! 

Was going to go to dinner tonight with the Big Red Blowout group, but only Stephen was able to go – but we went to Appel and had some good talking!  Then I came back thinking I had a couple hours to clean up, go through syllabi, and study Chinese (homework already!).  And I forgot President Skorton was up in the Skylounge (sounds like Delta?) or Sklounge as Sean says.  Anyways, I went up there for the Q&A, and beforehand got some music stuff in with some other girls from my floor, and I showed off my piano skills with Ok Go and Linus and Lucy. So it was a fun night up there, but it took out two hours of useful time.  Which meant coming back to the dorm stressed! I see why people say Cornell is a lot of stress, but I think finding ways to cope and find help are what keep people sane! Or kicking metal stands around a bandroom. But I doubt I can do that here.

Well, 718 days to go. Or 719. Something like that! 2014, here I come!
Best day of orientation yet. Seriously.  Ok, let’s go through. (Pictures on facebook)

Woke up in the morning – which itself could be an accomplishment for some people.  Thankfully, no fire alarm to wake me up this morning.  Then it was off to a breakfast in Appel with Barrett.  After that was some dorm time, then peer advisor meeting, which wasn’t too bad.  Remet Nate who I met at a reception a couple nights ago, which was cool.  Next was lunch at Appel.  At first it seemed like I was going by myself, but then I met this guy named Dan who was by himself, and we talked a bit and stuff. 

Then the academic advisor meeting.  Mine is Professor Boyd, in Philosophy.  Even though that’s not my major, he had very insightful points and I think we had a very useful conversation – that ended early because of the book discussion.  But I am very glad to have him for my current advisor, and I feel comfortable talking with him.  I think I got more excited about school talking with him.  I was touched at the end, when we shook hands and he said “Welcome to Cornell.”  I suppose if this were a TV show, that’d be the end of the cold open and really cool West Wing-like music would play. But alas it is not,  (well kinda…see later), but that moment kind of cemented me in here to Cornell.  Like a welcome home.

Walking on the Arts Quad, there was a sliver of blue, then walking past Goldwin Smith, the sun came out in the bleak grayness for the past 2 days, and it was like a magical moment.  Of course a half hour later or so the clouds rolled back in for more rain, but the bit of sunshine was nice while it lasted. 

Came back for book discussions of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which was interesting.  Turned in our essays, and we had an interesting conversation on humanity, which eventually drifted over to ethics and psychology.  We discussed utilitarianism (though I forgot that!!), and discussed questions like saving 5 people on a runaway train by running over 1 person.  And how people feel different if there’s something like a brick wall behind the person – how mathematically the same scenarios are the same, but people will respond differently.  I thought it was very interesting.  But I think I’m gonna be hearing fake girlfriend jokes along with shaving jokes now…

Then I had my third OL meeting.  Kind of.  Only 3 showed up, so we just talked a bit.  I ate dinner with Barrett in RPCC, then went to Real Students, Reel Stories.  I think most people found it a bit of a waste, but I thought it was nice – knowing President Skorton got an F in college was comforting! Coming back on the footbridge (and going there too) was crazy. With all the rain, water was pouring over the dam and rushing down the gorge.  It was amazing! Huge plummeting water, mist flying over the bridge – it was definitely a cool experience.  Played clarinet a bit in the room tonight too. 

Then tonight, oh wow.  Great night.  So at first I used my computer, for some AIM and Rincon stuff over in the 3rd floor lounge.  Where everyone was on their computers! Macfest mostly, but I brought my PC pride!  Elizabeth was there, Grace was there beatboxing, and I met Dave (I’m pretty sure that’s his name!), and Alex.  I was thinking about staying in tonight, but figured I’d go to the Big Red Blowout (like a fair on the football field).  So I went out in the rain and all for the 20-30 minute walk across campus to the football stadium.  Coming up to the huge lights glowing in the dark night was amazing.  As were the smoothies I waited about 15 minutes for.  Who could decline free food!?  There were some booths around the track, games in the middle, and the marching band playing in the center! Felt almost like being at home! Especially the artificial turf! Over there, I met Stephen, Dhaval, and Rebecca, who I stayed with the rest of the night.  OH I forgot! T-Shirts! We got free 2014 Cornell shirts! At first, there was a person with 1 box of shirts.  For 3700 of us.  So we got closer, and she sort of ran off to the far side of the field.  Pretty soon there was a mob following (some walking, others running) to follow the sacred box.  And then it was down, and a crowd swelled and a circle began to form.  And everyone got closer. And closer.  And the shirts ran!  The OLs went up into the stands and tried to organize us.  Of course there was some chanting of “freshmen” and “tshirts” by the crowd.  Keep in mind this whole time it was raining.  By California standards, POURING.  And waiting there for almost half an hour in this huge crowd of probably 1000 people.  It was crazy and hectic!! But I’ve never been so happy to get a shirt.  After we stood in line to get cotton candy.  Cotton candy plus rain doesn’t work out too well.  But the staffers brought over some tents for people to stand under. Except some people began to stand in line there. And imaginary line. Leading to nothing. Except more standing. But anyways, we left the stadium and went to midnight breakfast.

And the ad said free waffles! And wow, the line wrapped all the way around Ho Plaza – probably a couple hundred people in line!  So we went to the exit and were able to get cereal and bagels.  No eggs or waffles, but that was ok.  It was still raining like crazy. So much that I actually used a bagel to wipe part of my face. Seriously.  I should have brought my umbrella. All I had was my blue rain jacket which I’m pretty sure got soaked through.  We sought out a bit of shelter in Willard Straight and watched some breakdancers and headed back up to north.  I felt drenched, almost like taking a shower! (Which I stepped right into).  But anyways, I’m glad I again met new people.  Hopefully, they’ll be friends!! Got back to the dorms after 12, after leaving around 9 30 or so. Great night. Great day. Great school.
Few things I missed yesterday - there was a Cornell radio station playing on the courtyard - and they played Dont Stop Believin and Livin on a Prayer!

Ok quick rundown of today - 8.22.
Convocation! 3700 freshmen together. Crazy. After the big one there was the AS convocation.  After that, I did some stuff...I don't remember, running off a few hours of sleep last night. In fact my alarm didn't even wake up me up but rather my parents calling me.  And then a bunch more happened. Rite Aid. Burger King. Textbook buying. Exploring Uris - finding the cocktail lounge and fun in the White Library.  Bear Necessities for dinner.  Meeting lots of new people - especially the non east coast reception.  Met Michael from the North Shore!! Talk about a small world.  Met some other people too.  Caroline at the AS convocation, sitting in the front with me.  Hall meeting was cool, Melissa baked, and I think I'm learning more names...First frat party invite, though I opted for the freshmen activity with the magician/juggler/physical feats guy, and met a guy named David from New York, who seems pretty cool too.  Found my mailbox, put up my whiteboard, and realized a bunch of things I need for my dorm. And sleep.
Ok, day one at Cornell finished! Just some quick thoughts before I forget!  Sorry if names are spelled wrong.  So last night was dinner at Glen Haven, and some time at Skaneateles lake with some old friends.  Then today was move in day! College begins! Well orientation technically. (If you’re on twitter, I’ve got a #collegemarathon hashtag going now.  So coming on campus was check in at Barton with my parents – big indoor track also used for military studies, but with booths all around -  and then the bookstore with my mom to get some gifts.  After that was actual move in! I got my keys  - physical keys too – so thanks to Daniel Lei for the keychain!  And I have a mailbox! So after that, my parents and I unpacked.  Met some of my suitemates as well, they’re pretty chill and cool and stuff.  My dorm room is pretty large actually, and at least for the moment, clean.  And I have a great view of North Campus from my desk!  Definitely an interesting feel on campus.  A lot broader than I thought it’d be.  Not quite the image I expected, and quite different than some other places I was considering going.  But for better or for worse, it’s a nice place to be for a few years.  Anyways, after that was my swim test! And I passed – so I can say I passed my first test at Cornell!  Interesting how I beat the others in my group when I was going at a relaxed pace... Then back to the room where I met my roommate Brian and his parents, who were very nice.  Then time with my parents at Appel, the meet and greet (even though we didn’t do much meeting or greeting but rather eating), then a nice dinner at RPCC.  I’ve never been to the dining hall there, and it was a nice experience – I bet they have great views of the countryside when the shades are up. 
After saying goodbyes was the floor stuff.  First hall meeting with RA Melissa, then OL stuff.  Met some people, and also at the event – with this guy who specializes in making people social. And getting people out of their social zones.  Like random hugs, random dancing, half ninja stance, and THE ULTIMATE ROCK PAPER SCISSORS BATTLE. It was pretty cool.  After that did some walking around with AJ and Mike and then back to the room to prepare for another day of fun and sun up here in Ithaca.
The only problem is that there’s so much to do! I’m not even sure what to do – but it’s great.  Except for mosquitoes. I could do without those.
As I'm preparing to leave for school, I've had some time to contemplate my place in life - especially in regards to relationships with other people.  I'll just reflect on a few thoughts. 

According to what I have read, mangroves float out on the water, holding dirt from storms and sediment that their roots collect.  And sometimes, these mangroves are able to join together and create entire floating islands of mangroves. And then eventually by some force of nature, mangroves break off and float on their way again. 

Physically moving across the country, I feel like my own little island floating off, breaking off from a larger collective - though I suppose most of us are in the same boat, but I feel like my journey goes down a longer, lonelier path. But regardless, it seems that for the first while, I'll be leaving, but tendrils of leaves are still holding on, stretching out until they inevitably break from the tension.  And then I'm floating by myself, ready to join another island.  Of course those vines don't have to break - it's just that the knowledge that some of them will, and that others will be hard to maintain that gets to me sometimes.

I have many friends. Some friends are closer than others. Some seem like come and go friends. Others I feel like my roots are entwined with.  And many are somewhere in between.  I feel like a man falling off a cliff, grasping at anything he can hold on to - or at least that's how I'd imagine it in my mind's eye.  It's just figuring out what to grasp on to.  Maybe a better analogy is the man who catches 40 pounds of fish but can only carry 10 pounds home.  Here he is, grasping at all the fish flopping in his arms, trying to save as much as his catch as possible. But then there soon comes a point that in his struggle to grab as many fish as possible, he'll lose all of them.  And therin lies the dilemma. And to add on to that, there's another mile of river left, and the fisherman still has fish to catch.  Sometimes I think I have things figured out, but then everything is turned upside down.  But I suppose that's life. 

Another image in my head is that of a boat. And I'm going off across the ocean.  I'm trying to stay on land as much as possible, and as I'm leaving, I can't help but feel the need to see land, to feel that connection.  But inevitably I'm going to reach that point where all I see is water.

I suppose I've pretty much described the same feeling three different ways.  But there's hope yet! Returning to the same island; returning upstream to grab a second batch of fish; coming back to the mainland.  It's not impossible, but friendships and relationships take time and work.  And really deep relationships require personal interaction - which is hard to do over AIM or Facebook.  But if it's worth it, I'll do it.  Some fish are too precious to throw back in the water. 

December, here I come.
Another week gone. And my summer resolve has been weakened. School starts next week - I'm in denial! There are quite a few things I didn't get around to this summer - compositions, Lego videos, Disneyland - and thus the weakened soul.  And a nice pun for the week. But to make a long story short - (too late!) - here we go for the week:

Sunday August 8
TV: Persons Unknown (NBC, via hulu) - Joe's back! Sorta.  Well I thought it was an interesting reintroduction, and I loved the new information revealed about The Program. Can't wait for next week!

Monday August 9
Blood test! My mortal fear. Seriously. Not too bad. I was going to do a blog entry entitled: "Doctors, Dentists, and Optometrists, Oh My!" Unfortunately my laziness and business got in the way. Maybe another week. After my mangrove entry. And life after death entry. Possibly.  There are some more things to add to the weakened soul list. How exciting!

Tuesday August 10
Rincon meeting!  Got some great new stuff planned for the website, both for visitors and behind the scenes, and got some updates for the upcoming school year.

Thursday August 11
Had to go to the District Office and fill out some paperwork for work. Then I was kidnapped...sorta. To a place I knew. What an interesting experience. Especially since I thought I was going at 50mph when we were only going around 30.  Anyways, I had a great time a Trevor's house with everyone - thanks so much for the gift too guys! Monty Python was (pretty much) a good laugh, and I loved Office Space. And my few hours of sleep, after being awakened at 3am hearing dripping coffee and talk about fractions...

Friday August 12
First I went over to Rowland to watch the kids at band camp.  I wish I could have gone later and watched drill because they were only in basics block. And I felt like I couldn't step on the track or field as a non-member. So I stayed back on the concrete at the fence. But I kind of did a wave-nod thing to Peter and Kat! But then I had to leave early for IB Dinner at Souplantation! With Suradeth. So that was great to see everyone one last time before leaving - I had a great time, even though we had a little rocky start at separate tables. But the long table at the end was good fun. As was boba at Quickly's - I realize it was probably my last chance to get authentic cheap Asian boba before I leave!

And that's pretty much it for now - hopefully I can get some other blog entries that I've been kicking around my head typed soon.
Well I'd wait for my weekend review but today seems special enough to warrant a blog (postponing 2 other entries I'm working on!). So perhaps a short game of good news bad news - bad first. Not the best day for parent-child relations. A few words about driving, responsibility, and the fears of a parent. I don't have to like everything my parents say but I sure do respect it and can understand where they're coming from. And the good news - pretty much the rest of the day. So first off my YouTube find of the day - governor Schwarzenegger's channel. At first I couldn't get past the 
accent. Imagine him saying/half shouting "they're not spending their money - it's your money!" But after getting past that I realized he made some sense. I may not agree with all of our governor's decisions but I can sure respect him - especially since he doesn't follow the line of the...stereotypical neocon republican. That said if he were up for reelection today, I'd have a pretty hard time deciding my vote.

But onto the really good meaty juicy (chocolatey!) stuff!  So today was movie marathon day at Kevin's! Plus Rock Band which is always fun. It was my first long (relatively) driving trip!  I thought the highlight of my day was going to be watching clue. Partly because I didn't want everyone to look at me strangely when Jake and I re-enact the singing telegram. And partly because of the humor and gags, which are always fun to watch! And partly just to show everyone else what an awesome movie it is! I am so glad that we all watched it - we can have more inside jokes now! Which is always good to have! Anyways, just about the whole group was there, and then Kevin and Jake disappear, and then I realize it was all (well that's probably an overstatement, but most definitely part of it!) a ruse; I was just a pawn in a scheme! Like the reveal at the end of the Fifth Act.  And I come to learn it's a bit of a going away celebration.  So much thanks to everyone for that - and the huge 7 POUND CHOCOLATE CAKE.  Believe me, I don't need to add on 7 pounds, but I do love the cake! (Pics at the end of the post) So I love all of them, they're like a surrogate family to me, and I'm so glad that I have them as friends and that we're still able to meet up and get together. I'm going to miss everyone so much! But I do feel very lucky - surprises are the types of things I hear about from other people, or tv shows! Never did I expect it to ever happen to me. So thank you so much, you really made my day - well probably my whole summer!!!

And after Kevin's was the Hollywood Bowl, where I was able to watch my first Dudamel concert! He was AMAZING!! Thanks so much to my cousin who helped get us tickets! Among the highlights were West Side Story, Rhapsody in Blue, and An American in Paris.  Dudamel just has so much energy - it seems like he is one with the music - like the music controls his movements, and his movements control the music. It was an almost magical experience, to see his arms wave, body jump, eyebrows move, and his hair fly about.  And hearing those pieces live was wonderful too.  It's been a few years since I've had the chance to go to the Bowl, but it feels like one of the LA Musts I should do before I leave for college - especially Dudamel and the LA Phil! Anyways, I'm glad I had the chance to go listen and watch!

Thanks guys! Bittersweet cake, isn't it?
Monster Cake of Doom!
This week was marked by gatherings – both planned and unplanned, some TV watching, a lot of hours put in on the Rincon Website (changes that are not live yet, but I’m getting to it!), and my driving test!

Saturday 7/31
IB reunion!  Moved parks, first at Heritage, then Schabarum Park.  Grilled chicken and sausage, thanks to Yongjin and Daniel. I went for a 10 minute half hike with Yasitha which was pretty fun, and I got to test out the zoom on my camera.  I love the views from up on the trail – I just wish the climate was more prone to large trees rather than wild west looking brush and burnt remains of last year’s grasses.  But it was a lot of fun seeing the people who were able to make it, as well as climbing trees and going to the playground.  

Monday 7/26
TV: Persons Unknown (NBC) on Hulu – I keep loving this show more and more. What happened to Joe!? And I do enjoy the Renbe plot on the outside, and how the views have more information than the kidnapped victims.  Unless that’s what they want us to think.

Tuesday 7/27
Grilled Cheese sandwiches!  So my dad cooked those for around brunch.  And then Virginia called to see if I wanted to go to Souplantation with her, Kamaron, and Tedman – and if I could print out some coupons.  So printed I did, and went over there. It was great to see them all, talk and catch up and what not.  Driving, MIT, college, certain people I hang out with.  And good blueberry muffins.  It was a very pleasant surprise to receive that call, and I had a great time.  (Plus I got a chance to practice my driving!)

TV: Warehouse 13 (syfy), fashion models aging and a mysterious camera.  Not a bad episode, the show varies to cater to my liking and not.  I think I really like the characters, just not the plots as much.  But it’s good to watch a (mostly) light hearted show in the midst of our post 9/11 television age. Like shows like The Colony (Discovery) – which I watched as well!  It was okay as well. I thought introducing an outside threat so early was upping the ante, but I do miss having a bunch of PhD’s and scientists.  I know other viewers prefer “regular people” but I really enjoyed the dynamics of last year’s group.

Wednesday 7/28
Driving test in Whittier! I’ll admit it, I was nervous – in fact my leg was shaking during part of the test. My right leg. Which probably wasn’t the best thing for my driving, but regardless, I passed with only 2 mistakes!   Went to Best Buy also, for laptop scouting – the last big thing I really need to get taken care of before college.  Besides that whole wisdom tooth thing.

Thursday 7/29
Anthony Weiner’s rant in Congress.  Regardless of his presentation, it’s pretty obvious there’s some passion and anger in there.  Nevertheless, interesting to see, and I have some thoughts on the subject that I won’t post in public!  However,  I’d just like to put the open ended question that when someone on the right goes on an angry rant, it’s alright.  But when someone on the left does so, the pundits have a field day.  Just an observation; maybe I’ll put some more thoughts on that later.

Friday 7/30
Another pleasant surprise phone call, when Simon asked if I wanted to eat at Denny’s with him, Lauren, and Jason.  I went (though I didn’t get to drive on my own!) and got there before Jason did.  I had a good time seeing them again – truthfully, I wasn’t sure if I’d see any of them again before I left, so that was wonderful.  We talked about a lot of things – though I felt like those teen shows where the kids have their hangout place. Or Arthur and the Sugar Bowl!  But it was great to meet up with them and talk about band and school and people and everything. 
After that, I went with my mom to get new cell phones, and then to Anaheim Band to get my clarinet looked at.  I finally bought a new met/tuner to replace the one I lost.  Practice on my CU Winds Audition piece continues, I  think I’m improving, but I hope to master it before I get my wisdom teeth out this week. On the way back, we got Popeye’s Chicken!

TV/Radio: I found a new RADIO show!  On NPR, KPCC 89.3, Comedy Congress with Pat Morrison.  I think Comedy Congress is aired sporadically, but I love the humor about politics – and I suppose intelligent humor at that.  No Weiner jokes.  At least so far.  But I can see why some conservatives may view NPR as a lefty liberal conspiracy (though they did make fun of the Dems too!) And Eureka (syfy) was pretty good too – nice to see Zoe in college (that’s me next year!) and while I didn’t care much for the “funny” scientist, I am enjoying this season, and again the lightheartedness of the show.

Saturday 7/31

TV: PBS 50’s, 60’s, 70’s shows with my parents, and they have a new Aretha Franklin special.  I love that PBS is really preserving the music, especially because I enjoy it!  Too bad their fundraising breaks go so long though. 

Sunday 8/1
Cornell Sendoff!  It was a luncheon at an alumni’s house (and Cornell family)  I met a lot of great new students like myself and current students (though I forgot a lot of names!)  It did give me some confidence about the upcoming weeks, that I can hold my own pretty well when I don’t know anyone.  Hopefully I’ll run into these people again.  But this event was great, because the great trepidation  of uplifting roots and moving across the country was somewhat subsided – I think I feel a little more mentally ready to go to college. 

Week In Preview:
This week it looks like a movie day, maybe Hollywood Bowl, and a trip to the dentist office.  Hopefully a little more blogging too!