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Ok, this wasn’t my best week.  Wasn’t that great.  Tuesday, I took a nap after badminton class, but I woke up about 15 minutes before my government class started.  I usually like to get a seat near the front of the lecture hall, and actually I like to be there 15 minutes before class starts.  Though I had it timed well, when I got down to Balch, a bus showed up, and I shaved about 4 or 5 minutes off my walk, and got to class on time.

Wednesday wasn’t so great.  I had an essay to write about females and computers for my writing seminar for Thursday, and my computer decides to get a virus.  Well I suppose it was trying to watch the Colony. So I spent a few hours in the RPCC computer lab to get programs (yes I do have antivirus) and run them off a flash drive.  Anyways, it ended up well – but meant for a late night on my essay.

So Thursday was probably the low. I woke up about 10 minutes before my Chinese class started and ran down – and missed a bus.  So by Balch, I missed a step on the way down and did a nice rollover. Which could have been really awesome. If I didn’t rip off a good chunk of skin off my leg and arm.  And bled throughout my Chinese discussion.  Though I cleaned it out with sanitizer (that stuff has a lot of alcohol in it, stung a bunch), and washed it out later and put on a bandage when I got back after the writing seminar.

Friday was better.  Had lunch with Professor Kramnick down on West Campus, along with some other students.  It was great getting to know some of the other students better, and listening to Professor Kramnick’s insights.  I think it’s wonderful that he takes the time to get to know students better, especially in a large government class, and though he has no obligation to have to actually talk with us.  So that was a good lunch.

And today was homecoming! There was First Years on the Field – which I thought would be crazy with freshmen sprinting over the football field. And it wasn’t. More like standing on the side, splitting, and coming together, and cheering when the team entered.  Oh well.  I got a free t shirt and thunder sticks out of it.  Went with Stephen and watched most of it.  Watched the band half time show.  Cool stuff, though there’s a difference when shows are for competition or for a fun football game.  But they played the Olympic Spirit and MacGyver theme in the stands, so they’re awesome!  After that was CUPB’s Donald Glover show.  I went with Sam and Susanne to Wegmen’s! (working hospo) Wow, what a store.  It’s so beautiful inside! I wish Albertson’s and Stater Bros looked like that! Great store.  Then a stop at CTB (my first time – got a California Dreamin Sandwich – yay guacamole) for crew food.  Then setting up the green room, then I got switched over to ushering to replace someone who couldn’t make it (on Anthony’s team!).  Got a CUPB shirt, and a show pass! Fun stuff, I really enjoyed it and felt I got to know people more – I guess this is what it would have been like to run in ASB shows? Anyways, it was really cool, Joe Mande and Donald Glover were great, and we got to meet them afterwards! Perks of CUPB I suppose.  Lots of fun tonight.  Could have gone and partied with them, or with the girls down the hall, but I have a lot of work to do – and tomorrow’s a really busy day.  Bad week, but a pretty awesome way to finish it off.

TV Quickies:

No time for reviews today, but this week was season premieres! Glee, 30 Rock, The Office, Outsourced.  Also watched Community, and The Colony (season finale next week!)

#worldslongestmarathon stuff:

     ·  #worldslongestmarathon - 9/21, day 20 - short day! band practice!
     ·  #worldslongestmarathon, day 21 - first math club meeting! wanna go to sleep. and watch #sgu
     ·  #worldslongestmarathon day 22 - band practice, a physics class full of boys, and HOT (104!) for the 1st day of fall. hopefully cools by #sgu
     ·  #worldslongestmarathon day 22, 9.24.09 - a fun (crazy?) 20th century class, and thanks to everyone who came to the math club comp!!
     ·  #worldslongestmarathon day 24, 9.25.09 - found a spider in my locker. i tried to kill it and forgot to take my spanish binder to class =(

Day 20 – short day and band practice. Don’t remember much in particular, but short days were better than late starts – no showing up at 7 am for practice!

Day 21 – yay math club meeting! I forget what we talked about, but I was quite nervous. But I had a great board and great year with the club.

Day 22 – Apparently, Helen wasn’t there, and the day was really hot. It might have been another Wednesday night band practice, or just a sectional day. Don’t remember that either. But it was hot – welcome to Southern California fall. Conan O’Brien’s jokes about putting away summer shorts and bringing out fall shorts are right.  Looks like Stargate Universe premiered around this time as well.  As for 20th century, maybe this was the day Bryan and the rest of the class started laughing uncontrollably during announcements. I’m not sure. But that class was a lot of fun.  Fall start up competition was pretty cool too.  I’m going to miss those math club competitions!

Day 24 – I remember the spider! It freaked me out, and I didn’t have my Spanish homework. And I couldn’t turn it in late. And I tried explaining what happened to Sra. Robles afterward in Spanish, when I figured I didn’t know how to say spider in Spanish. But it was all good – even though I couldn’t turn it in, she understood, and it was all good.  Anyways, that became a pretty good class too – though the spider in my locker freaked me out! One bad thing about outside lockers.  And having lots of holes in them. Oh well, one assignment didn’t hurt me too bad.

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