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Best day of orientation yet. Seriously.  Ok, let’s go through. (Pictures on facebook)

Woke up in the morning – which itself could be an accomplishment for some people.  Thankfully, no fire alarm to wake me up this morning.  Then it was off to a breakfast in Appel with Barrett.  After that was some dorm time, then peer advisor meeting, which wasn’t too bad.  Remet Nate who I met at a reception a couple nights ago, which was cool.  Next was lunch at Appel.  At first it seemed like I was going by myself, but then I met this guy named Dan who was by himself, and we talked a bit and stuff. 

Then the academic advisor meeting.  Mine is Professor Boyd, in Philosophy.  Even though that’s not my major, he had very insightful points and I think we had a very useful conversation – that ended early because of the book discussion.  But I am very glad to have him for my current advisor, and I feel comfortable talking with him.  I think I got more excited about school talking with him.  I was touched at the end, when we shook hands and he said “Welcome to Cornell.”  I suppose if this were a TV show, that’d be the end of the cold open and really cool West Wing-like music would play. But alas it is not,  (well kinda…see later), but that moment kind of cemented me in here to Cornell.  Like a welcome home.

Walking on the Arts Quad, there was a sliver of blue, then walking past Goldwin Smith, the sun came out in the bleak grayness for the past 2 days, and it was like a magical moment.  Of course a half hour later or so the clouds rolled back in for more rain, but the bit of sunshine was nice while it lasted. 

Came back for book discussions of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which was interesting.  Turned in our essays, and we had an interesting conversation on humanity, which eventually drifted over to ethics and psychology.  We discussed utilitarianism (though I forgot that!!), and discussed questions like saving 5 people on a runaway train by running over 1 person.  And how people feel different if there’s something like a brick wall behind the person – how mathematically the same scenarios are the same, but people will respond differently.  I thought it was very interesting.  But I think I’m gonna be hearing fake girlfriend jokes along with shaving jokes now…

Then I had my third OL meeting.  Kind of.  Only 3 showed up, so we just talked a bit.  I ate dinner with Barrett in RPCC, then went to Real Students, Reel Stories.  I think most people found it a bit of a waste, but I thought it was nice – knowing President Skorton got an F in college was comforting! Coming back on the footbridge (and going there too) was crazy. With all the rain, water was pouring over the dam and rushing down the gorge.  It was amazing! Huge plummeting water, mist flying over the bridge – it was definitely a cool experience.  Played clarinet a bit in the room tonight too. 

Then tonight, oh wow.  Great night.  So at first I used my computer, for some AIM and Rincon stuff over in the 3rd floor lounge.  Where everyone was on their computers! Macfest mostly, but I brought my PC pride!  Elizabeth was there, Grace was there beatboxing, and I met Dave (I’m pretty sure that’s his name!), and Alex.  I was thinking about staying in tonight, but figured I’d go to the Big Red Blowout (like a fair on the football field).  So I went out in the rain and all for the 20-30 minute walk across campus to the football stadium.  Coming up to the huge lights glowing in the dark night was amazing.  As were the smoothies I waited about 15 minutes for.  Who could decline free food!?  There were some booths around the track, games in the middle, and the marching band playing in the center! Felt almost like being at home! Especially the artificial turf! Over there, I met Stephen, Dhaval, and Rebecca, who I stayed with the rest of the night.  OH I forgot! T-Shirts! We got free 2014 Cornell shirts! At first, there was a person with 1 box of shirts.  For 3700 of us.  So we got closer, and she sort of ran off to the far side of the field.  Pretty soon there was a mob following (some walking, others running) to follow the sacred box.  And then it was down, and a crowd swelled and a circle began to form.  And everyone got closer. And closer.  And the shirts ran!  The OLs went up into the stands and tried to organize us.  Of course there was some chanting of “freshmen” and “tshirts” by the crowd.  Keep in mind this whole time it was raining.  By California standards, POURING.  And waiting there for almost half an hour in this huge crowd of probably 1000 people.  It was crazy and hectic!! But I’ve never been so happy to get a shirt.  After we stood in line to get cotton candy.  Cotton candy plus rain doesn’t work out too well.  But the staffers brought over some tents for people to stand under. Except some people began to stand in line there. And imaginary line. Leading to nothing. Except more standing. But anyways, we left the stadium and went to midnight breakfast.

And the ad said free waffles! And wow, the line wrapped all the way around Ho Plaza – probably a couple hundred people in line!  So we went to the exit and were able to get cereal and bagels.  No eggs or waffles, but that was ok.  It was still raining like crazy. So much that I actually used a bagel to wipe part of my face. Seriously.  I should have brought my umbrella. All I had was my blue rain jacket which I’m pretty sure got soaked through.  We sought out a bit of shelter in Willard Straight and watched some breakdancers and headed back up to north.  I felt drenched, almost like taking a shower! (Which I stepped right into).  But anyways, I’m glad I again met new people.  Hopefully, they’ll be friends!! Got back to the dorms after 12, after leaving around 9 30 or so. Great night. Great day. Great school.
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The first time I tried to post this comment I received this error: "There are too many exclamation points in your comment. Please remove some exclamation points and try again." Sadness!

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Well Richmond, its nice to see you adjusting to Cornell :P PC PRIDE ALL THE WAY!!!

Yongjin Jin
8/24/2010 03:40:23 am

Did you... like... eat the the bagel after wiping your face with it?


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