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Just a quick note on the blog - not sure if I needed to categorize this under "london" but I did just in case there are any daily followers from the London category, which was on the Fulbright tweet! (hello 1 person out there!)

Anyways, blog housekeeping. As we're going to be in Edinburgh (Ed-In-Borough for you Americans!) over the weekend, and I'm not going to have internet access, I won't be posting tomorrow (and maybe not the next night either). Definitely Monday night, but maybe not until then. I will have a notebook with me to take notes, and camera to take plenty of pictures! So I'll type up my notes and update it when I can get back on the internet - and thanks to the wonders of technology and the Weebly platform, I can adjust the date to make it look like I posted the entries earlier!

And since I'm on a 20 day blog posting streak, which I'd like to continue as long as possible, I don't consider this next day (or 2) a gap in that continuity, since it's a problem of physical access and not me not wanting to write.

And now back to the curling game - type to all of you soon!

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