Richmond's Own (but unowned) Website

That's supposed to be like one of those "before and after" titles - though I had to cheat with the word birthday.

Today was a pretty fun day. Got some info on the website job, and started playing around a bit with the admin stuff, learning how to do some different functions, and finding some problems that I need to bring up with some people. Getting some additional (and more formal) training tomorrow.

Also got to see an old high school friend today – had lunch over around Hong Kong Plaza (had a chicken steak) (and lasted quite a while!) and got some cold drinks. It was a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to catch up and talk and spend time with him. Talked about summer experiences, went for a ride (with me singing my 80s songs), passed by Rincon. It was great, glad I had the opportunity to do that.

Not a whole lot more to my day, so a new feature for you today!

My news roundup for the day:

Dow Jones plunges over 500 points – I got a text on this via CNN’s Twitter account – at first I thought it was a typo, then I heard it on news radio. Scary news.  -

FAA shutdown will be coming to an end – yay! Feeling much better about flying to school now. -

NASA had a big announcement at 2pm EST today (according to their tweet this morning), liquid water may have been discovered on Mars! - (sorry if this is using up one of your 20 articles per month on NYTimes)

“Goodnight Moons?” Earth may have had 2 moons (that along with the Trojan asteroid discovered a few weeks ago) -

Happy Birthday, Mr. President! - (AP, hosted on Google – link was too long)