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Ok, day one at Cornell finished! Just some quick thoughts before I forget!  Sorry if names are spelled wrong.  So last night was dinner at Glen Haven, and some time at Skaneateles lake with some old friends.  Then today was move in day! College begins! Well orientation technically. (If you’re on twitter, I’ve got a #collegemarathon hashtag going now.  So coming on campus was check in at Barton with my parents – big indoor track also used for military studies, but with booths all around -  and then the bookstore with my mom to get some gifts.  After that was actual move in! I got my keys  - physical keys too – so thanks to Daniel Lei for the keychain!  And I have a mailbox! So after that, my parents and I unpacked.  Met some of my suitemates as well, they’re pretty chill and cool and stuff.  My dorm room is pretty large actually, and at least for the moment, clean.  And I have a great view of North Campus from my desk!  Definitely an interesting feel on campus.  A lot broader than I thought it’d be.  Not quite the image I expected, and quite different than some other places I was considering going.  But for better or for worse, it’s a nice place to be for a few years.  Anyways, after that was my swim test! And I passed – so I can say I passed my first test at Cornell!  Interesting how I beat the others in my group when I was going at a relaxed pace... Then back to the room where I met my roommate Brian and his parents, who were very nice.  Then time with my parents at Appel, the meet and greet (even though we didn’t do much meeting or greeting but rather eating), then a nice dinner at RPCC.  I’ve never been to the dining hall there, and it was a nice experience – I bet they have great views of the countryside when the shades are up. 
After saying goodbyes was the floor stuff.  First hall meeting with RA Melissa, then OL stuff.  Met some people, and also at the event – with this guy who specializes in making people social. And getting people out of their social zones.  Like random hugs, random dancing, half ninja stance, and THE ULTIMATE ROCK PAPER SCISSORS BATTLE. It was pretty cool.  After that did some walking around with AJ and Mike and then back to the room to prepare for another day of fun and sun up here in Ithaca.
The only problem is that there’s so much to do! I’m not even sure what to do – but it’s great.  Except for mosquitoes. I could do without those.

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