#collegemarathon 0.2 - Richmond's Own (but unowned) Website

Richmond's Own (but unowned) Website

Few things I missed yesterday - there was a Cornell radio station playing on the courtyard - and they played Dont Stop Believin and Livin on a Prayer!

Ok quick rundown of today - 8.22.
Convocation! 3700 freshmen together. Crazy. After the big one there was the AS convocation.  After that, I did some stuff...I don't remember, running off a few hours of sleep last night. In fact my alarm didn't even wake up me up but rather my parents calling me.  And then a bunch more happened. Rite Aid. Burger King. Textbook buying. Exploring Uris - finding the cocktail lounge and fun in the White Library.  Bear Necessities for dinner.  Meeting lots of new people - especially the non east coast reception.  Met Michael from the North Shore!! Talk about a small world.  Met some other people too.  Caroline at the AS convocation, sitting in the front with me.  Hall meeting was cool, Melissa baked, and I think I'm learning more names...First frat party invite, though I opted for the freshmen activity with the magician/juggler/physical feats guy, and met a guy named David from New York, who seems pretty cool too.  Found my mailbox, put up my whiteboard, and realized a bunch of things I need for my dorm. And sleep.

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