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The Question Time panel sits
A day too late for that tagline? Or a week and a half early? Or right on time, because today was our last academic session! (We still have volunteering sessions and time to work on our films next week though). Today’s academic session was based on “Question Time,” a BBC programme where people ask questions to politicians. Before that though, we filled out another feedback form for Dave, and had a short discussion on feedback about the program. Today was pretty cool, because it brought back a bunch of lecturers and guests from our other sessions and put them together in one room on a panel. I loved having them all there in one room – it really helped everything feel connected. Jackie hosted the panel, which consisted of Stephen, Dave, Darren, Alex, and Yasmin – all of whom were great during their respective sessions, and were great today as well! We went over topics such as British Identity, Volunteerism, the phone hacking scandals, and important issues facing the UK in the future. It was great to hear their different viewpoints, and see them agree (and disagree!) with each other!

Today’s lunch was fish n chips – and mushy peas! I found that I like mushy peas – it tasted like split pea soup, but had the consistency of mashed potatoes. Maybe that doesn’t sound the most appetizing, but I really thought it was delicious! Shame that not as many other people like peas. Kriss came by too, giving us our Oysters, and talking a little about tomorrow’s trip to Edinburgh.

After lunch, we were done, though we had tutorials with Dave over blogs. Tutorials are like one on one feedback sessions, like office hours, but more specific on feedback on work (or at least that’s the feeling I get). I got some good feedback on my academic blog, as well as some things I could do better. I accidentally had a muppet video on there from when I was testing out the system – I didn’t know that was the view that was graded! Oh well, it’s gone now, but you can imagine there’s one there on the sidebar! You can read the academic blog here:

This afternoon, I also discovered that on YouTube in the UK, you can watch full length videos of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics! So I watched parts of the opening ceremony, along with CURLING! John Shuster and the US Team! They weren’t the best performing team…so I may watch some UK games as well. It’s all coming back to me! Curling in/out, the house, peels, hammers, and all the rest of it! Brings me back to high school senior year at home and in Dawdy’s class! Also took the time to work on my second set of academic blogs, getting those out of the way before Monday or Tuesday. Felt good to get something done! And watch curling again! I love this – I think it’s geoblocked in the US. So I’m going to get as much out of it as I can!

Dinner was good – saw Johnny and said hello – I had a vegetarian tortellini with corn and carrots. But the bread was fresh tonight, and very good! Tonight I went to the ASDA with Katie – it’s a bit like Wal-Mart, but more food based, though they have a fair selection of clothing. I needed to get a pair of (cheap!) shoes (and were they ever so cheap and uncomfortable…), and grabbed some snacks, while Katie looked for some sandals (came up empty handed). It was nice to go though, had some nice talking time about our backgrounds, being Asian, school, and stuff. The lines were really long though – everyone was buying so much! I suppose that was quite Wal-Mart like. I think me standing there with my one pair of less than 20 pound shoes and bag of peanuts was the least of anyone who was buying. Some other interesting things – they don’t say canned here, but tinned – tinned soup, tinned vegetables, etc. And nappies for diapers. And “squash” means concentrated juice…unlike what I thought…which was vegetable squash juice. Woops.

Tonight was pretty much relaxation – working on the blog, facebook, chatted with Priscilla, and watching more curling! And packing (lightly!) for our trip to Edinburgh tomorrow. I was watching the USA vs GBR game, when the US had the hammer (throwing the last stone of the end (ends are like innings)) and had the chance to score 2 points, and take the lead (2 points is pretty big in curling!), and they blew it. Easiest shot ever. And they got 0. I screamed in frustration. Katie and Stephanie who were in the room talking to me about something else jumped, and Tom who was in the hall choked on a banana. Woops. But I get passionate like other people are passionate about other sports! Wouldn’t you be mad if it was 1st down, 2 yards from the end zone, and they lose the ball, and the other team makes a touchdown? That’s about how I felt (on the losing side). And I remember we lost that game. Like other people remember old football games. I remember old curling games. Tonight, a bunch of us were wearing the I <3 RU shirts, looking the same – leading to Adam’s “Camp Counselor Night” comment. But anyways, time for me to go – need to get up early to go to Kings Cross tomorrow (Harry Potter anyone?) and finish watching this GBR vs DEN game of curling!

7/11/2011 01:54:22 am

HAHAH You and your curling <3


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