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Our diligent work
Today was quite a work day! In the morning, I woke up at 9, to find Kelsey and Alexis already watching videos. I came to join them, and Tom came a little bit after. For the whole morning, we just watched our various videos and interviews. At first, we worked out in the hallway alcove, but we soon moved a table into the middle hallway, after finding it a bit noisy, and needed an electrical outlet!

We took a break for lunch – today I had duck leg (I hope it wasn’t from a duck from the lake – didn’t realize that until later – I suppose it’d be “eating local” though…) but it was pretty good. We came back and began to storyboard our documentary – based around education and citizenship – using pieces of paper to write down the clips and themes we had developed and watched in the morning. Afterwards, we began converting the videos from mp4 format to wmv, so we could use them on Movie Maker.  While we were doing this, some workmen came in to fix my sink lamp! I have light now! I’m happy. We were also trying to come up with titles while we waited. There were some things “Lions, Dragons, and Unicorns, Oh My,” “A Political Mind,” “The Teacher and I,” “Citizens’ Gain,” and other titles along that vein – none of which we ended up with! When converting took a while, we took a break – I took the time to read some Tina Fey and catch a couple minutes of sleep.

We started editing before dinner. There are some fun little montages I got to edit. We all went as a group to dinner. Afterwards, some people went to a beer factory tonight, I stayed with Kelsey and we finished a rough cut of our video project! I really love our project – there are parts that look great. I love being able to see something in my head, and then see it realized into something real! It’s the most amazing feeling!  Most everyone who stayed spent the time working on the projects – the kitchen was turned into a computer lounge! Our video progress was pretty much more than I thought we’d get to do – so tomorrow we can put the finishing touches on it and be ready for our presentations on Friday!

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