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Quick rundown of the day since I need to sleep soon!

On the bus to work this morning, one of the little paper sleeves/ads that are on the ceiling was loose, swinging around a bit. When it hit a bump, it floated down and hit one passenger on the head – but there was a nice little shared moment with the rest of the passengers on the bus as it put a little smile on everyone’s face.

Working on that research for the tv pilot, started on a new topic today though. Got taken out to lunch by my supervisor (I guess that’s what I’d call him?) along with some of the other office staff – nice little walk and conversation – tomato and basil pizza is pretty good too. I just love being in the environment – being able to hear about people’s projects, or other shows in development or being produced (once in a while I’ll hear a reference to a show I’ve heard on tv!) – and their knowledge of the tv industry here, it’s an amazing environment to be in and to be exposed to.

Meanwhile tonight, besides being glued to images of UK Riots (not so much London now, but Birmingham I believe), as well as the Wisconsin recall elections seeing what happens – I always enjoy election nights! Especially because of this!

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