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Today was our big trip to Brighton! In the morning, Adam picked up our sandwiches, and we took a bus down to Barnes – except we had the wrong line, and it made a turn before the bridge, so we had to get off and walk a block, but it was alright. We got to Clapham Junction and collected our pre-bought tickets.  We got on the train to Brighton – and it was CROWDED!! It would have been nice if there weren’t so many people – there were tables and chairs in groups of 4, but most of our group ended up standing most of the way. It was very crowded for about an hour’s journey (though I suppose Japan’s transportation is more crowded!)

At the stop before the last one, one man got up, and I was in the position (literally) to take his seat. I sat with a group of people – the man I sat next to was from the East End – his wife (I think they were married) had just come back from New York. I talked with him for a little bit – Roehampton, school, us being in the UK for the Fulbright Summer Programme, and he talked a little about food to try out over by Brick Lane, and fish and chips (in newspaper!). We finally got off the train in Brighton – a very nice seaside town, if not a bit touristy, but very built up as well (London by the sea as some say). We walked down the road (past a BBC office, with Doctor Who cardboard cutouts in the window!) and were able to see the water!
Brighton beach, and the pier slightly covered in fog from the morning
Hello from the English Channel!
We eventually stopped at a place for fish and chips (not in paper, but it was still pretty good). At last, fish and chips! I think it was cod. Though I realize I probably should have put more salt and vinegar on mine.  After that, we headed up to Brighton Pier. It didn’t look that big, but it was huge, and very long! The sun came out, and it was really cool - I could literally see the wind blowing the fog away!There were shops, restaurants, arcades, gambling, and rides all on the pier. We all bought matching bracelets, and walked around. I tried my luck at gambling/arcade games (in the end the arcade games are just gambling) – the thing where you put in the coin and it tries to push other coins off the edge. Though I was using my 2 pence coins – much cheaper than America, where they usually use quarters! I won a big one, about 12-14 pence, but lost it all in the end. So I was out 20 pence by the time I left – could’ve been worse I suppose. I had an ice cream cone, and we walked off the pier.
Brighton Pier
View of Brighton from the pier - really built up area
Nice seaside area

We walked further out (east) for a while, before heading back west along a street one street back from the beachfront. We stopped in a Starbucks for a while before moving on. We went by the Royal Pavilion area, which looks like it might have had architectural influence from the middle east. We went through a park, where there was a live band (I’d say jazz band, but there were no saxes. But similar) playing, which was quite nice. We walked by a lot of shops – didn’t have much time as we were trying to catch the train.
The train back was much nicer – we were early enough to each get a seat all the way back to Clapham Junction, and most of us used the opportunity to sleep. Today was a great day – even though we all got a bit sunburned! But it was fun to plan something on our own and go out there to the beach – but thanks to Stephen for the recommendation, and the Roehampton people giving us tips on our journey.

We got back, and tonight was everyone’s laundry night, after the exciting exploration of the room last night. It’s good to have clothes! Also tonight’s dinner was a repeat of last week – hamburger, corn, potato, etc. But paper plates and plastic utensils – no more real dishes! Speaking of food, our refrigerator is quite cold – frozen almost – frozen nectarines, strawberries, and underwear…for some people at least.  Worked on my first academic blog entry – some editing, and hopefully it’s ready to go soon!

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