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Ok, some tweets to start off (I think the 34 is supposed to be 35; and I'm missing 38 and 39.)
Band practice on monday, then scheduling kids' jobs for the 2009 Rowland Field Show Tournament! One of the larger responsibilities as band club president. I had a lot of fun doing that (a lot of stress too) - I remember working on my huge 6 page excel grid during Mr. Dawdy's class. I think that is my hallmark achievement of Microsoft Excel - fully color coded and everything! Lots of fun with scooters, and thanks to Kevin and Peter for their help. Check out my video about field show for more perspective.  Day 37 was one of our first tournaments - a wonderful weekday tournament, but it was great, we got first place! I remember during the season, having to help call the group to attention, and getting information on where we're sitting and what not. Good times. Hopefully everything is going well this year!

And onto my life in the present. I feel like maybe I should blog every day - by the time I get around to blogging, I forget what I did in the early part of the week! Last week was a shorter week, though I felt plenty busy for those 3 days. I had dinner with Stephen on Saturday - it felt like Fall Break was weeks ago.  I've been really busy, with my FWS essay on the first computer, and trying to get ahead for this week I've got CUPB with Frank Warren and Louis CK along with Parent's weekend this weekend!

Sunday I went to SIG's launch of Cornell Exchange which I wasn't much involved in the development, but I was there for debugging, and helped add some things to prepare for the launch. And time to start taking a larger role in the site. After that, I went to the Cornell University Chamber and Symphony Orchestra concert. They played wonderfully, and there was the world premiere of a piece by Fresno resident Kenneth D. Froelich.  I enjoyed the concert, though I found myself drifting a bit into memories - playing catch with my dad against the brick wall of our Chicago house, figure skating and gymnastics, and my parents' influence on my learning instrumental music. Which I feel like is something I want to pass on. But that's in the future.

Today I met with Professor Mertha in the government department, to discuss future government classes. I'm going to try to see Professor Boyd tomorrow.  But tonight I went to a pre-major advising dinner panel with AS students. I found it very helpful - how we all face challenges but they can help (or not) us. Like bad grades. And how a major doesn't necessarily translate into  a job in the same field. And just calming some of my fears about academics. So in that aspect it was very helpful. 

I've been looking at spring classes and there is so much I want to do! STS! Government! Music! Info science! Physics! Calculus! Astronomy! English! I have to make some decisions soon - I would reflect more on it if I didn't have more work to do and need to sleep!

So maybe I should try to blog more, tweet less? We'll see.

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