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First day of classes! Later start than I wanted to, woke up at 7:40 instead of 7.  So I grabbed a quick breakfast at Appel, but I came in the upper level, so I forgot to grab my New York times! But I was able to read it later, so it worked out.
First Chinese section.  A bit intimidating. And 1-3 hours of homework every night. Though I think I’ll be ok.  I went to audit an STS class – best class ever! About science fiction movies and books, but looking at how it reflects societal and technological developments, so it’s cool.  Plus Tuesday movie nights! And no essays or tests for me! Today we talked about trying to divide science and pseudo science – talk about TOK!

After that was Picnic on the Plaza – lots of free food on Ho plaza! Met some cool Korean kids while I was there.  Went to a Chinese lecture (a bit intimidating also) and the Web programming class, which was pretty cool.  I’m interested in learning more about PHP and delving into the design part, as I have some basis in the programming. 

I spent a good hour in a music practice room this afternoon with a upright piano and my clarinet just playing whatever came to mind (ignoring my audition piece a little bit…).  But anyways, it felt very comforting – it felt right, I guess.  So I think I’m going to be spending a bit more time there.  The only problem is finding a time when the rooms aren’t all in use. 

I also made my way down to Collegetown the first time to hit Kraftees to get my Chinese course booklet as well as an INFO book the bookstore didn’t have.  Plus the bookstore line was long!! Like Disneyland! 

Was going to go to dinner tonight with the Big Red Blowout group, but only Stephen was able to go – but we went to Appel and had some good talking!  Then I came back thinking I had a couple hours to clean up, go through syllabi, and study Chinese (homework already!).  And I forgot President Skorton was up in the Skylounge (sounds like Delta?) or Sklounge as Sean says.  Anyways, I went up there for the Q&A, and beforehand got some music stuff in with some other girls from my floor, and I showed off my piano skills with Ok Go and Linus and Lucy. So it was a fun night up there, but it took out two hours of useful time.  Which meant coming back to the dorm stressed! I see why people say Cornell is a lot of stress, but I think finding ways to cope and find help are what keep people sane! Or kicking metal stands around a bandroom. But I doubt I can do that here.

Well, 718 days to go. Or 719. Something like that! 2014, here I come!
8/25/2010 01:42:57 pm

You might be the only person to ever compare Disneyland to a college book store! :)
Kicking stands do bring some good memories... (or bad?)


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