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My chair at graduation

Yesterday, I wrote an entry as a high school student. Today, I write my entry as a high school graduate.  It's been a great ride, and yesterday was the culminating moment, my highest achievement.  I wish I had more time to mingle with people, to talk to them.  I realized today that I will probably never be with every single person at the same time again.  Just trying to plan out something for the summer - someone will always be busy, or missing, or at a school far away.  Never again can I say "let's meet at the circle at lunch" or "go outside the library after 4th period." 
But living in the present, right? Let's move on to the ceremony.  Wow.  I got a bit emotional walking down the track, onto the field one last time.  Walking down the aisle in the middle actually felt a bit like Star Wars (the end of Episode IV!).  Sitting on the stage with Erika, Alyssa, and Kevin, was an amazing experience.  I got to sit in a nice wooden chair (pictured above), although the California flag kept hitting me.  The ceremony was marked by overcast skies - seemingly appropriate, though I wish there was more sun.  The wind, while feeling nice, provided some comedic moments.  Such as my IB sash flying off as I was walking up the stage.  And the California flag hitting me in the head.  And Alyssa's cap flying off during the ceremony.  But in the end, I felt that it went quite well.
I gave the speech, toward the theme "Our time today may be over, but our tomorrow is just around the corner," trying to contrast the today of high school with the tomorrow of life.  I think I could have used more emotion, and I switched out a word by accident in the final paragraph, I'm satisfied with how I did.  The compliments people have given me have been very nice, and I'm thankful for those.  Speaking in front of over 4000 people wasn't easy - but I was a lot less nervous than I thought I'd be. Maybe public speaking isn't so bad after all!  And then when my name was called for a diploma, I got an applause.  I know people aren't supposed to, but I think it was mostly the band, and maybe some of the people in the audience.  But alluding to what I wrote yesterday, that cheer was so powerful to me, it almost brought me to tears. For me, that was the most emotional part of the ceremony.  Just knowing that there are people who care, who love me is something that I will never forget. 
Afterwards was diploma distribution and I was able to see a lot of my friends one last time - and take a picture!  So many in fact, that I was near the end, when they were hearding us out. (One last chance to feel like a cow at RHS). 

After that was dinner with one of my Uncles and Aunts, over at Claim Jumper.  It was nice to see them, but the highlight was BABY BACK RIBS.  First time for a long time. 

And later that night was our Anti Grad Nite at Tesia's. (And if she's reading this, thank you so so much for letting us come over!).  Probably the last chance our senior band group will be all together at once, for a long time.  The night was marked by so many fun moments.  While I didn't get any on camera, holding the filter of the camera may have ruined the raw fun.  There was Bop It. And  Super Smash. A fallen PS3. Girls and boys fighting over sofa space and blankets. Using sleeping bags for cushioning, using pillows for...other things.  Talking about ourselves, and others - though some of it got strange after a while! Bee-6. Certain people taking all the sleeping bags ;). and foooood. 
All in all, a very memorable (and almost sleepless) night. Though we didnt' watch the sunrise together, I suppose that gives us something to do the next time we're all able to meet up again. Hopefully sometime soon in the future.  I know I'll miss my friends very much.  I'm sorry I'm not able to be with them today, but I hope to be with them again soon!
6/11/2010 04:55:31 pm

"using pillows for...other thing"

I feel like a stalker for commenting again..

6/12/2010 11:48:07 am

Not as much fun for me on the...well, let's just say I'm sure you all had more fun with it. :]
And it's alright, I quite enjoy getting comments =)


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