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Blogging from Roehampton University, London! 8 hours ahead of my pacific time counterparts.

So, to start with today (Saturday – it feels like today for me, though I guess technically it was really yesterday…darn time changes). Had breakfast with dad at Denny’s for an early Father’s Day breakfast.  Then I finished packing up my stuff. Except for my computer, which decided that it would install updates as I shut it down. Making us stay at home 20 minutes extra. But we still got to the airport at a reasonable time, more than 3 hours early, but the line at Air New Zealand was really long. And only 2 attendants were working the counter – but soon there were 6 or 7, and the line went quite quickly!  Got thrown a bit of a curveball with them weighing the carry on baggage, but it worked out.

I met Kevin at the airport, before we boarded the plane.  It was nice to walk past the first two classes, with fully reclining seats that turn into beds, and footrests. But then was to the back economy class, where the seats seemed awfully close together – maybe even closer than regular flights. 

But it was an interesting flight. There was back seat entertainment – I watched a couple bits from some Glee episodes, and I also finally watched The Social Network (not a very satisfying ending!), and The Adjustment Bureau (Went in with low expectations, came out satisfied). Also tried to get some sleep. It was hard though, without much room to rest my arms, and a crying baby.  Though to make up for my lack of sleep were meals! We had a dinner meal, I had a chicken pasta dish, which came with chickpea salad, a roll, and a mini cup of ice cream. We also had breakfast – I had a cheese omelet, with a little bowl of fruit and yogurt cup. Thank you Air New Zealand! There was a beautiful moment went we broke through the cloud cover over London, and were able to make a nice circle, the Thames in full view – I wasn’t able to get a picture, but it sure looked amazing!
Breakfast - Omelet, potatoes (a big soggy for my taste), fruit, and yogurt
When we landed at London Heathrow, we had to go through customs – the line was long, but it went quickly, and the customs officer that I was with was friendly. The airport was very nice as well – a lot of glass work and natural light. Then baggage claim, then out to Costa Coffee, where Kevin and I met up with 9 of the other students, with one coming later, along with our Roehampton representative Kriss.  We waited for a coach (on the left side of the street!) and boarded, on our way to Roehampton. The streets seem a lot narrower than they are in America, and it was also interesting to see all the traffic circles (and how used to them people are, as opposed to some in the US).

Once we got here, we settled in for a bit, and Kriss gave us a tour around campus. It’s a nice campus, with a lot of old buildings. I have a nice view of a green/field out my window, and the rooms also have their own sinks in them (a nice amenity!). We tried to go to dinner, but arrived an hour early (and in the process of walking there went pretty close to a wedding party and its security guard). We went back and waited around for a while, before walking south to look for a convenience store, before coming back for dinner.

We had hamburgers, corn, potatoes, and salad. The hamburger wasn’t the best, but the cheese (munster I think?) was pretty good, and the rest of the food was rather like dorm food. It was alright. There were pitchers of water along the long tables, along with a sweeter drink (something between sugar water, lemonade, and capri sun). Been settling in to Roehampton – I really need some sleep! Hope tomorrow is just as exciting!

(pictures will be on Facebook soon!)

Kevin Hayakawa
6/21/2011 04:34:38 pm

I was watching "The Social Network" at Kurt's house the other day, but we didn't finish! I must know how it ends >=O


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