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Today was the annual IBA Banquet, and once again, I forgot to bring my camera to a fun event. Although this time, it may have been a good thing, since we all got soaked. But nevertheless, I shall do a quick write up on the day's events.

I was late in coming. It started at 10, at Pathfinder Park, but I didn't arrive until noon. I was out shopping for various Math Cub things - which incidentally has its banquet tonight.

I drove with my mom, as I still have my permit. Upon arriving, Sharon came out and offered me a water gun - in plan for an assult on Malissa and Tiffany Chui. We got a gated in patio area - though when I asked the other kids how we got it, it turned out the guy who ran the place offered it to us out of pity. Which I suppose is fine and dandy - at least we had a covering with shade this year! And we had fun with water. Speaking of water, Mrs. Waters came around 1 - miscommunication, but she brought a delicious potato salad. She left a little later to attend a family function, but it was nice to see her.

And soon it began to devolve into a massive water fight. Or the strangeness of the IB seniors...a cross somewhere between cussing, homosexuality, and plain insanity. Between the guns, balloons, and bottles, we all got soaked. And drenched. Especially Chui. And Sharon. And Helen. And Bryan. And Malissa. And Yasitha. And just about everyone actually! Anyways, maybe it's a good thing that I didn't bring my camera because it felt like I went through a car wash! Anyways I had a great time hanging out with everyone for a few hours. It just makes the whole realization that all this is ending hit home harder. But I loved how there were underclassmen there too, so it's not just the senior IB bubble. Like Adolfo pouring ice water on me. It was great to have this time to bond and have fun - I wish we had had more time to do fun things like this as the Rowland IB kids!

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