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Like the continuity in the title? Feeling much better today from yesterday's low - thank you to everyone who reached out to me.  (I'll respond to you in the mailbag a bit later on).  So today I got back to work and put in some hours on the Rincon Website - yes, it's good to have something to do; I've probably had too much time to sit at home and worry about things.  I'm not sure about taking Chinese or Spanish, but I'll figure that out, I've got a few days still. I'm not quite sure about the other classes either, but I feel more confident that it will work out. And with the realization (or re-realization I suppose) that hard work isn't something to run from.

Though I think writing is somewhat theraputic for me. And it's good to know that people care; that you can go to others for help. I think too often, so many people (including me) don't go and ask for help when they need it. Which is a shame because there are so many people out there willing to help. I'm glad to have a structure of friends here, and while the internet and technology can help me retain that, I think one of the harder things for me next year is to rebuild (or build new actually) relationships.

And for now, I think it's time to turn this blog from my rant space back to random thoughts about life, the universe and everything.

I'm reminded of the end of the first episode of The West Wing, which seems to apply to my current situation, where Martin Sheen as President Bartlet speaks to his staff, saying:

"Seems to me we've all been taking a little break. Thinking about our
personal lives or thinking about keeping our jobs. Breaks are good. It's not a bad idea taking a break every now and then. I know how hard you all work... My point is this: Break's over."


Kevin writes: Maybe you're just not seeing the benefits and rewards of all the hard work you've done for the past 6 years.
and Alexander writes: Like people have said before, you have achieved much more than most have achieved. Just keep running and never slow down.

@Kevin and Alexander - thank you so much guys, your comments have really helped my ego! =D Haha, joking about that, but thanks for reminding me about the benefits and whatnot of what I've done.  Sometimes it feels like there's no point or goal in what I do, but you guys reminded me of what I've worked for, so thank you.

Jessica writes: but i think ur frustration came from a feeling of isolation.. plus a feeling of fear of the future =] (along with an essay)

@Jessica - yup, I think you hit the nail right on the head there. I'm a bit envious of all the california kids because you're all either in a school with other Rowland kids or near them. Though I'm sure everyone's going to split up and make new friends - it's like a safety net at the start I guess. I kinda talked about it earlier; it's like all the stuff Mr. Withers said. I'm feeling better today since I started engaging myself in working on stuff. Haha yes, I think that writing's good for me (especially my mental health and sanity!) - I just hope I don't get so overwhelmed in the next few years that I have enough blog entries to write a book!! Though maybe that's not actually such a bad idea...hahaha. Thanks for your support past, present and future - haha maybe I'll try to webcam with you when I'm up doing problem sets or something at 2am!

Mr. Houghton writes: So, is this unrelenting drive to be successful a blessing or a curse? It is both, but I think it is far more positive than negative. It is very likely to help you to achieve success, and a great deal of satisfaction can come with that.
 (along with an essay length response as well!)

@ Mr. Houghton - thank you very much for your comments and humor Mr. Houghton, and sharing your own experiences and conflicts you've come across in your interests and teaching. (And I think your advice is worth a lot more than free!) I think the drive to be successful tends to be more positive than negative in the end as well. It's just sometimes in the thick of things (like yesterday), it's hard to see the positives. Though when I think about it, not settling for the status quo or the average seems to be a pretty integral part of who I am. I've always enjoyed challenges, (well not always, but generally), and I don't think that's going to stop anytime soon. Thank you for reminding me about that. And thank you for your advice as well! - maybe you should start charge for it!

Thanks to everyone who commented both on here and facebook, it means a lot to me, it really does. And now, break's over.

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