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Kind of hard to remember everything, but I’ll try a bullet of highlights over the past 3 weeks (not necessarily in chronological order)! Probably forgot something, but I’ll get in as much as I can.

  • 100 degree heat – made worse by humidity
  • National Zoo! Good planning meant we went on a relatively cool day. Amazing Amazon building (a real rainforest we can walk through, complete with birds flying about. [There’s another island, no fences this time!]) And an awesome invertebrate house – octopus, jellyfish, insects, butterflies, and other amazing wildlife!
  • American History Museum – saw the Star Spangled Banner (the actual one, as in the one in the National Anthem), and  going back and standing in line, just to go to the Presidents in the Media 10 minute video, just to see the 1 minute using clips from The American President, The West Wing (the last scene in the pilot. Talk about impressive), and Air Force One (get off my plane!). Also, always fun to see the exhibit’s copy of the board game “The Kennedys”
  • American History Museum has some cool trains and transportation history!
  • Microsoft Surface (the old table one, not the tablet) in the Freer Gallery to look at Asian art pieces. And just to play on!
  • Being disappointed by the lack of Chinese markets in Chinatown.
  • Walking back to GW from Chinatown (and past the White House)
  • Chipotle!
  • Uno’s Pizza in Georgetown
  • Helping staff my first White House event
  • Being in the same room as the Vice President and Dr. Biden at said event.
  • Intern food from said event.
  • Got an amazing dinner related to said event. 
  • Checked out a library book from the EEOB Library (why pay $50 to use the university library for read-only privileges when I can check out a book from a White House Complex library?)
  • Back on the mock USS Enterprise (the aircraft carrier) in the Air and Space Museum – and seeing the USS Enterprise (the Star Trek ship) in the gift shop again. Loved the little kid saying “it’s the Enterprise!”  - future trekkie!
  • Got my Library of Congress library card! As a pre-emptive measure for research. And it’s just cool!
  • Didn’t get to go to Pirates of Penzance, but got to go watch Brave instead!
  • Walk through the US Botanical Gardens.
  • Walked by US Congress
  • Got my EOP keychain fob
  • Saw the original Kermit muppet at the American History Museum.
  • Nationals Game (though I think I wrote about that the first time)
  • Finding the underground complex connecting the galleries behind the Smithsonian castle. 
  • Watching the Newsroom (pretty great!), and The Great Escape (not as great as I thought it’d be), and Food Network Star (spoiler: wish Emily wasn’t eliminated!)
  • Making our way around DC with 200,000 Girl Scouts
  • Saw some amazing Contemporary Art at the Portrait Gallery/Museum of American Art – including some engaging and enthralling television/media installations (and I mean super captivating – mind blown with everything!), and a gaming exhibit
  • Jumping into the Capitol Reflecting Pool!
  • Shake Shack - good burger and shake!
  • Missed out on a crab festival, but got to eat a great cake out of it!
  • Chips and drinks with interns; and another informal gathering with office staff.
  • Learning about the Indian Treaty Room (beautiful place!)
  • Saw Marine One (albeit from a ways back and from a window)
  • Great food at the Museum of the American Indian (best Smithsonian food!)
  • Folklife Festival out on the mall!

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