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Been running the gamut in the last week doing everything! Seeing people, going places, packing and cleaning. Anyways, had a great past week (though if you count a while before that, there was a lunch at Rowland Garden Café which I may or may not have mentioned before) – partial IB reunion last week – low turnout – wish more people were able to come! Saw people up in San Francisco, going away to college party when I came back – wonderful to see old friends and meet some new people – a lunch at Red Robin, and bowling night that turned into a somewhat chaotic (but still fun!) night that went through various stops and sit downs settling down at Guppy, and ending with a breakfast adventure La Mirada. It’s been nice to catch up with a few people – wish I had time to see more and spend more time with people! Ah well, only 4 more months to go!

Meanwhile, I’m starting to work at my new school site as webmaster. I was on site yesterday to help out at an inservice – nice to see Victor and some other people that I knew. Cool to see teachers and their tablets! Also stayed a while to help out setting up a couple computers and looking for some equipment – along with a crazy hilarious adventure with 3 guys and a flashlight looking for a box in what we thought was a closet which turned out to be a hallway into a darkroom. Complete with its own creepy closets. Like a crime procedural. Or horror movie. It was quite an adventure!

Priscilla Yun
8/18/2011 03:54:22

Have a great second year :DDD
See you December and if we miss each other again.. I'll have to fly out to NY to see you! >:) JK


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