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Ok, quick rundown of the past week!

This week, I’ve found some quick ways to get to class using my iPod.

  1.  Listen to music at about a 120-160 tempo. Any Way You Want It works pretty well, so do some other songs.
  2. Listen to Jimmy Fallon sing from the Emmys and pretend you’re him and dance your way across campus. Ok, maybe not the second part, but he does walk pretty fast down the hallway in the beginning, so trying to emulate that works pretty well. And a fist pump at the right moment doesn’t hurt either.
  3. Listen to Paul Eugene’s Chair Aerobics or Dance Fitness. Really.

Friday, August 29 was bowling with Chinese Student Association – that was a lot of fun! Though it’s somewhat funny how all these Chinese kids are engineers…and a lot of them can’t bowl that well. Not that I can either. But one would think they could “calculate” it! Anyways, it was great fun, and I’m looking forward to getting to do some other events with them. 

Sunday, August 30. First I watched the finale of Persons Unknown – while it was an open ending…VERY open, I wanted more closure! Or a second season! Or the producer who now works on Stargate Universe should tell us what would have happened!!  Anyways, went to clubfest in Barton– walked there with Alex. Like Rowland’s Club Fair Day. But WAY bigger!!! Aisles of performing groups, cultural groups, environmental groups, media groups, sports groups. Forensics, Cornell Republicans and Democrats, the Daily Sun, Dance groups, astronomy, engineering, sustainability, service…you get the idea. Along with the same “get too close to the booth or make eye contact and you have to hear my spiel,” and all the craziness associated with these types of things!


Omg Jimmy Fallon is awesome! Omg GLEE!! HAHA I can’t believe he brought his 6Bee Skit to the Emmys!!!!! TINA FEY!!! BETTY WHITE!!!!! OMG SLUSHIE JIMMY FALLON!!!! OMG SLUSHIE TINA FEY!!!!! AND NOW THEY’RE SINGING!!!!!!! JOE MCHALE!!!!!  RANDY JACKSON!!!!  CLAPPING AND SINGING ON STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’ve got the song and video on my ipod, and know part of the dance. I’m not obsessed.

Then the week passes in a blur, I’ll pick out some highlights though.
  •  Government class is covering Plato. I’m finding a lot of things we did in TOK apply – things like art and censorship, and stuff. And more in this week’s reading – the line and cave allegories! (So any IB seniors out there, pay attention to what you’re learning!)
  • ·I sent an email to my professor about the use of the word “Republic” and the lack of any thing republicanlike in Plato’s work – it got mentioned in class in front of the big lecture hall! Name omitted of course, but it’s still cool! (It’s a translation problem by the way)
  • ·I love Professor Kramnick’s lecutres (intro to political philosophy), and his intros about student life through the paper, the Cornell Daily Sun. Some comments about how students are “meeting behind closed doors” and “plotting” in response to administration crackdowns on fraternities and drinking. Let’s just say it’s a good thing that…other opinion column…is published biweekly.
  • ·I’m not going to be able to audit that science fiction course, too many things on my plate!
  • ·         Attended meetings for Mock Trial (don’t think it’s for me), MUN (maybe!), Cornell U. Planning Board (plans/coordinates/produces guest speakers on campus – probably), Student Innovation Group (most likely), Cornell Daily Sun (probably not really for me), Cornell Quidditch (maybe – depends who else joins and how many hours we need to practice).
  • Had our first 2 Wind Symphony rehearsals! I’m on 3rd clarinet, but I think the difficulty is a good match for me.  Funny how much we get done when there’s no talking during rehearsal. We can go through A LOT of things. It’s strange sitting with new people though! But it’s fun! It’s like high school but fancier. Much nicer room. Wood floors, nice chairs, enough stands for everyone, double story, looks like a sound system too. It feels bigger, but maybe that’s because there aren’t 150 people stuffed in there.  Though we have to put chairs/stands away at the end just like high school!
  • Ate some dinners with Stephen this week, had a great time talking with him! We went to Casino night last week and lost all our (free) chips, but made good use of the free food and drinks! And “mocktails.” With wonderful names. Like ‘safe sex on the beach.’ Which tasted pretty good actually. And a chocolate fountain!
  • ·         Saw Iron Man 2 with Barrett. It was pretty cool. Lots of explosions. But better than doing homework! Probably will see Toy Story 3 in the next few weeks. Cornell Cinema looks like my weekend “partying.”  After that, hung out in Graces/Natali’s room with Elizabeth, kenzie, and her boyfriend. Good night.

When I don’t do a week review, I’ll throw in some thoughts about being in college, what I like about the campus, and other general-er things.

Ok, I promised I’d do some reflection…or major reflection every week, so here’s week 2 of the #worldslongestmarathon:
  • OMG i didn't fail my english quiz!!!!! but tons (or tonnes!) of homework tonight...just day 6 in the #worldslongestmarathon
  • day 7 of the #worldslongestmarathon and doesn't seem like the homework is letting up.......gee, it makes it sound like rain, haha
  • OH! forgot to mention day 8 of school, or the #worldslongestmarathon - long day, at school from 6:45-9:45. 15 hours,not 3.
  • Day 9 of the #worldslongestmarathon - and it aint over yet - i'm back there again for 4 hours tonight!
  • yay, finished the 10th part of the #worldslongestmarathon - now it's time for homework. and college apps. and work stuff.
Ok, day 6 – English quiz on Sound of Waves – which I did not fail! Which was the first time in high school I did not fail the summer reading test. Because usually I am not a person who remembers the details of books that well – themes and analysis, sure, but not how the blueberries were cooked (stewed, I did know that one because I thought it was strange. But not other questions – and that was junior year!) So that was a happy moment. I don’t remember what I got on it (probably a B), but I was happy to pass! Day 7…typical. Day 8 – band practice because we didn’t do Monday night, so we had an extra long day. Day 9, back to school night. Not that my parents really needed to go – but they always like to meet the teachers and what not, and it’s a way for me to say hi to all the ASB people in yellow ASK ME shirts! And I always bring along homework to do without ever really doing it as we go from class to class… And Day 10, typical again.


Yongjin writes:  Sure, "dab". yeah, "dab". We call, "wiping our face and hair with the bagel" - "dabbing" now. Interesting.

Answer: It was more “dab” than “wipe!” It didn’t really soak up that much though. That’s a good tip to tell people – bagels aren’t that good at dabbing your face with. Maybe a piece of sourdough would do better next time.

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