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I may have recently said (or I didn’t, I sure thought it), that I as I haven’t blogged for a while, I have a lot on my mind – and each time I think about blogging, that makes it harder to sit down and write – out of the fear of attacking a huge monster. So I guess I have resolved to try the approach that calls for more my blogging more often. As I should, with its therapeutic qualities (made that up, but I’m sure there’s a study somewhere), it should be worth the 15…30....60….90…or more minutes I work on it each day. (That's what I get for writing these really long entries...but I like letting my mind wander sometimes.)

But since classes are over, I probably won’t be doing any more #collegemarathon on Twitter until next fall arrives, so doing some longer entries shouldn’t hurt. I prefer a longer form prose anyway, it’s usually more of a matter of finding time for these things.

Springtime has come to Cornell! Along with thunderstorms, rain, and a few specks of sunshine. I’m back to carrying my umbrella with me every day – you never know when there will be a flash storm – like the other day, when I went to study the day after Slope Day.  And I got completely soaked, taking refuge in a music practice room, removing my shoes and socks to dry on what I discovered was a not-on radiator. And if I had waited a mere hour more, it would have been a bright and sunny day. Which shows you – studying early is bad!

But yes, spring is here – meaning the end of classes, and those picturesque days that you see on college brochures – trees in full bloom, students playing Frisbee on the Arts Quad or studying under a tree. I have a good vantage point from the 7th floor stacks in Olin, which has been my new go to study place this semester, in place of Uris’ White Room or the Kinkdale (I think that’s what it’s called – I always say Kinkade, the guy who does all those winter and landscape paintings) Room.  They’re both nice, but usually fill up fast. Though on the otherhand, Olin can be short on plugs too – I spent a good half hour searching for a desk with a plug one Sunday afternoon. But I like the ceiling to floor windows, and while I’ve gone to Uris a few times this semester, I’ve definitely been in Olin a lot more. And liberally used the café for any caffeine needs. 

I felt like the end of the semester came faster than I thought. It felt like I still had so much to do, then suddenly, last STS section. Last calculus section. Last Chinese section. I’ve enjoyed all of them, but it’s strange.  I feel like by the time the class and section are really starting to get to know each other, it’s all over. But it’s been fun. We had our last STS section in the Temple of Zeus (it’s a café) – treats thanks to Emma, and peer reviewed there. It was an interesting experience, but quite fun.  Penultimate Chinese section was the skits, which were fun to do, but pretty stressful to memorize! But I enjoyed watching the other group’s skit quite a lot.

Slope Day! Last day of classes. Concert on the slope. Slopefest on Ho Plaza. Nelly performed. Not exactly my style, but I went. Spent my time with Han. Slopefest was cool. Had a nice place on the slope while we ate – was down close to the mosh pit for a bit during the concert with Han’s friends, then worked our way back up. Most of it was pretty fine except the Stromboli. Wasn’t the best food offered. But we thought it was the only food – since it was the only food on Ho Plaza. Unbeknownst to us, a second food location with good food (turkey legs! And more!) was down in the Willard Straight Parking Lot. Oh well, next year perhaps.

Getting ready for finals – some trepidation, some relaxation. Though after relaxing the past few days, I need to get back into studying mode! Glad I did have the chance to take some time and read Joe Mallozzi’s short story “Downfall” in the anthology Masked, edited by Lou Anders.

Enjoying some time off reading during the study period in the hall alcove.
I saw, as I was uploading that picture, rehearsal videos from our April CU Winds Concert. If you want to watch our April concert, you can stream it here:

Ok, the high school stuff:

•  #worldslongestmarathon day 40. still tired from saturday.
 I’m pretty sure that is referring to Rowland Field Show Tournament. Had a lot of fun in that – you can read more about that from an earlier post. 

•  #worldslongestmarathon day 41 - band pictures better than last year. watched #ncis today. fun stuff
Band pictures! Thank goodness it was cooler this year. Er last year. But my junior year, it was super hot, and it took a really long time, and everyone just ended up getting angry. This time, not as much. I remember the picture taker – she had some pretty cool catch phrases (everybody bend? Something like that. Gosh, I can’t remember!) And the picture turned out pretty nice too. I remember during individual pictures the photographer pushed my hair some way my mom didn’t really like…oh well.

•  #worldslongestmarathon day 42. band practice. crazy english essay. besides that not much. and i learned about glowsticks.
No idea what the essay ways. But it was crazy! Might have been poems? The dog poem? Not sure. But we were past Sound of Waves at this point. Wish I had specified in the tweet! It may be worth going back some day and looking at senior year essays. Glow sticks…I just remember we had to do something with drawings in TOK, and Helen had drawn a picture of a glow stick, which got posted for parents’ night. It was pretty amusing for us though.

•  #worldslongestmarathon day 43: short day = alot of hw
Pretty self explanatory….

•  @fabrolauren but club pictures were fun! there were 3 ppl in physics class! and english was fun too, haha. #worldslongestmarathon day 44
Club pictures! What a hectic day! Everyone had to go to the gym. And things got behind, and the need for tardy slips from teachers, because we were excused for like period 3, but things dragged into period 4 or something like that. Had to run after a pink slip a couple days later to get it corrected. That said, pictures were fun. Math club, NHS, CSF, amongst others. Most of the day was spent doing that, and most of my classes were empty (yay for school involvement!). Apparently we did something fun in English that day…gee, I really wish I had talked more in detail or had done this memory thing earlier…

•  so 14 hours of band today! out in the desert! lots of fun, really tired. i think it qualifies for #worldslongestmarathon - day...44.5 ish :]
Sounds like we had a tourney! Out in the desert! Lots of fun apparently, and very tiring. Not sure what our score was though…

•  #worldslongestmarathon day 45 - another long day at school. and a tutoring experience. probly more unsettling....
So senior year, I did some tutoring in the library after school on certain days. I’m pretty sure this was the day, the two girls I was tutoring in math were trying to hit on me. Trying to be cute in not understanding the problems...(I mean they really didn’t understand some…and others was more of the flirting thing. At least I think). I don’t think that really works for me. But needless to say, Helen was having a great time observing this happen, and sure wouldn’t let me forget it for a long time.

•  #worldslongestmarathon day 46 - felt sleepy today after last night. lucky no tests today
I was sleepy, probably after a late night band practice, so this was probably a Tuesday.

•  #worldslongestmarathon day 47 - spanish test, lots of hw tonight. math is taking a loooooooooooong time...................
Another rather self explanatory tweet that I cannot really elaborate on.

•  #worldslongestmarathon 48. -3/13x+2/3x=5/26 etc. by hand A-"whoever invented fractions is stupid" B-"would you rather use decimals instead?"
Well I’m pretty sure that this was in Mr. Dawdy’s class. Doing some of those review problems – and yes, it’s just basic algebra…but at a point in your math career, you’ve done that so much that you really don’t want to convert everything to a common denominator of 78. Not sure who said the quotes. Shouldn’t have used A and B! Me? Yongjin? Kevin? Eric? Yasitha? Daniel? Daniel? Patrick? Who knows…maybe one of them will tell me in the comments…

•  #worldslongestmarathon 49 - someone pulled the fire alarm >=[ principal dressed up as the bball coach and vice versa. confusion ensues!!
Happy Halloween? Or was it like twin day or something? 10 weeks or so in, I’m guessing it was Halloween. Had my newly bought Star Trek captain’s shirt on. I think I brought my battery charger as a tricorder/communicator – I guess really a communicator, if I had a Kirk era-ish shirt. (which, by the way, I’m wearing right now). But I elected to leave the battery charger in my backpack. As well as my speak like Shatner for the day idea. But Mr. Brunyer the principal dressed up like Coach Hamlow (I believe he’s the basketball coach – excuse me if I’m wrong!), and vice versa. And during math, we had a sub, and Daniel K was eating. And the principal walks in. OR SO WE THINK! But it was funny watching him hide his bag of snacks (math club fundraiser!) – or was this the time with Yongjin’s sandwich? Maybe not, but there was one day where Yongjin was eating a sandwich and an administrator walks in. I heard a loud BAM and the sandwich was hidden away. Maybe not that loud, but it sure went away fast. I was pretty amazed at the skills!

And now that I’ve spent over an hour on this, I think it’s a pretty good place to stop. Until next time!


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