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I’ve been back home in sunny Southern California for about a week now. I figure now would be a good time to start writing up some things that I’ve been doing, before the end of summer comes and I find that I can’t remember anything that I’ve done!

On Tuesday, I volunteered and helped out at Rincon’s CST Celebration (and I suppose partly because it’s the last year of the school as Rincon before it becomes Telesis School or Academy).  It was fun, though I may have gotten sunburnt a little. It was nice to see old teachers who I recognized, and see how the school has changed since I’ve been there – new teachers, a different student body, different (meaning less restrictions in) dress code, and new kids – have they always been that small?

I’ve also been doing some driving – just around and what not. But it was a little strange at first, having not driven for quite a few months!

Been doing some things to get ready for my trip to London as a Fulbright Summer Institute Participant.  Been talking to a lot of the other participants about that via Facebook. Did some stuff with press releases and whatnot. Possibly another blog entry about that later, before the trip.

Went with Tim and Yongjin to see Thor. It was alright I suppose. Personally, I started getting tired of watching CGI worlds – but that’s for another blog post. I found the highlight being the reference to Iron Man! Missed the post credits ending though. Even though I’m not the hugest comics fan, I really love how the Marvel Cinematic Universe is tied together – really being a cinematic universe; I’m not sure there’s a better way to say that. We also had Korean food for lunch (and churros earlier), all of which was pretty good. Then sitting down in the grass looking over the valley and talking. Would’ve made for nice movie scenery.

Also went bowling – and thanks to Benson, learning a technique more proper than my amateur style. And it took me a game or two to get into the groove with it. After a lot of gutter balls, I got 3 strikes in a row then a 9! Which is probably the highlight of my bowling career.

I also saw Trevor for his birthday, along with a lot of other friends, and it was wonderful seeing all of them again. I really liked playing Pictionary with them as we were waiting for apples to apples (I think I made the best words…but that’s just my opinion!) – it was fun to just throw words into a cup and pull them out. And had some great things. Like Asian Aslan and screws.

On a more personal note, I got Portal 2! And am already about 7/8 through – though watching Hank Green play probably contributed to that. I’m also working on the backend for a school website, which is coming along slowly but surely. Which reminds me, I need to start working on a personal website – where eventually the content of this website will move over. Eventually. Also got some time in with my Legos – the hangar bay set mostly. I was going to look at the bridge/control room set, but I’m not really sure what I want to do with it. Something soon though. Until the next entry then.

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