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Quick rundown of the week! Last Saturday some of my dad’s old friends came over (from his childhood I believe), as well as my uncle and aunt, and we had BBQ Ribs! Yum! They were delicious (though one parent forgot to put aluminum on the pan, so they weren’t as tender as they could have been!), but nevertheless, very very good. 

Sunday was the pre-intern picnic for the Cornell in Hollywood interns, out in the Pan Pacific Park in Hollywood.  It was a nice day, though I’m glad I put some sun screen on. We all met in the park for our orientation, and it was nice to meet everyone, even though most of them were staying out west of LA. There were sandwiches, and we started to get to know each other. There was a girl who drove here by herself from the east coast! And there was a former intern from the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien!! (while it existed) – I thought that was really cool!

Monday was my first day at my internship – in the digital department at a production company, so they basically produce and distribute web content (like webisodes and things like that).  The first couple days I got to sit in my own office! That was pretty cool! Nice big office with a view of Century City, Sunset Boulevard, and Beverly Hills, nice chairs, and yellow lamps! Though that was just because that was the only space available – now I’m in a cubicle (which is probably a more proper fit) – but it was nice to intern in style for a couple days! The first day I caught up on the company’s content, and the next couple days, I was scouring the internet for possible talent for new web series the company is working on.

It’s quite a commute to get there! I have to get up at 5:45 or so, catch the train at 6:50 something from Industry, then transfer to the red line subway, then to a bus – all in all about 2 hours to get there (2.5 when you add the time going from home and waiting for the first train).  Though it took longer the first two days, because there was a light out on Sunset – so I was stuck on the bus for over an hour! Bumper to bumper traffic! But I’ll write more about the commuting experience in another post. 

Tuesday night was a panel for Cornell in Hollywood and the Cornell Club LA about Hollywood Jobs in 10 Years. While the panel went off topic a bit, it was very intriguing to hear what people in the industry had to say – about jobs, internships, networking, and various other pieces of advice. It was also a good networking event too. I met some new people (and alums) – and talked some more with the other interns – I’m partly sad that I’m going to be in London because I won’t be able to spend more time with these great people!

Though I am grateful to the intern program for allowing me to learn a lot more about LA! I haven’t gone west of downtown a whole lot, and the intern program has allowed me to do so (as well as gain some exposure to the thing we call our public transportation system). Farmer’s Market, Sunset Boulevard, the Grove, all that wonderful stuff!

And one more quick note – congrats to all the graduates in the class of 2011! Welcome to the “real world” now! Strange thing though. I’ve been reminiscing a bit about last year – I remember that I was excited, but even after the ceremony, I didn’t feel like anything big had changed.  Didn’t feel like I graduated exactly – it was rather anti climatic (quite different than winning something like a band medal!) – and has seemed like a rather drawn out process. Actually I feel like this whole year went by rather quickly – it’s probably about a year since I started blogging semi-regularly (May 2010 after Every 15 Minutes probably….) and I still feel that I graduated just a few days ago! And even the 2011 kids –  the last time I saw everyone they were juniors! (I suppose that’s what happens when you’re 3000 – not 4000! Hahah – miles away). Feels like I stopped in once…and then at the end of the year and it’s almost like waking up and 8 months just pass by and you haven’t seen any of it, which is an interesting thing after watching these kids for 3 years, and not seeing the third year. I guess it’d be like watching the first couple seasons of Battlestar Galactica, then watching the finale and recognizing everyone, but at the same time there are a lot of changes and differences that just seemed to have happened without really understanding. (Which is almost what I did – missed a lot of the Hera arc as well as the final 4 – I was like what’s all this talk about more human cylons?!?!) But today’s not about me – it’s about you, your accomplishments, your hopes, your dreams.  Congratulations again to the class of 2011!

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