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So at first today there's sun. Then gray clouds. Next, some lightning and thunder in the distance. Then a light sprinkle. Alright. Then 5 minutes, later, it's a HEAVY DOWNPOUR and I'll swear 40MPH winds. Like a mini hurricane. My umbrella almost turned inside out. And then 10 minutes later, it's a light sprinkle, with the sun breaking through and a rainbow. Welcome to Ithaca.
That's the facebook version. So the somewhat longer one. I was coming out of Uris Library to gray skies in the afternoon, about 4ish.  It had been sunnier early in the day, during Chinese class, when we learned to talk about good weather. A lot of good that would do now.  But actually, the gray made me think of the 3rd Harry Potter movie - very much like that sort of mood, with gray skies all the time. Good for a movie - a little depressing in life. So I was crossing the bridge when there was thunder and lightning off in the distance (maybe a couple miles). And I thought it'd be really much more interesting if there was some rain, and people were running around to find shelter - something a little more exciting.  It started sprinkling a little bit, and the girl next to me pulled out her umbrella. I looked at her and asked, "do you think it's really worth it? We're like less than 5 minutes from north [campus, where the freshmen dorms are]."  And she said yeah. So I went ahead and pulled out my umbrella.  And then, less than 100 yards from my building it starts POURING. The change was like a light switch had been turned from off to hurricane. The winds were blowing like crazy, maybe 40mph. And thus, there was rain, and people were scrambling to get in buildings. I got what I asked for I suppose? People's umbrellas were going inside out - the wind was so strong that an umbrella didn't do much to help anyways.  But I enjoyed it! It was crazy - almost like being in a hurricane, but I loved it! I tried to go out on the balcony with my raincoat in the skylounge, but by the time I had grabbed my coat, the big storm clouds had moved on, and it was a medium rain again. Though there was beautiful rainbow to the east, against the gray of the storm wandering on.  And in a couple hours, the sun broke through the clouds once again, providing a nice sunset (I think. I was eating dinner and facing there were nice shadows to watch!). Anyways, welcome to Ithaca, welcome to Cornell.
Virginia Chiu
9/13/2010 04:01:37 pm

I'm glad you're getting a taste of east coast weather and it's crazy unpredictable-ness!


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