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I’m gonna go out of order, and talk about this weekend, before I talk about Parent’s Weekend, and I have a couple weeks worth of #worldslongestmarathon to catch up on as well.

INT: Ithaca-Tompkins County Regional Airport
Friday morning, I was sitting in the airport, excitedly anticipating Trevor’s arrival.  I was seated at a table, drinking a cup of unsugared, not that great Maxwell House vending machine coffee, distractedly trying to do some reading about PC history.  The plane was delayed forty minutes, and I was checking my watch, hoping I’d make it to my web design class.  But finally, the plane came, and Trevor walked down the ramp into the terminal. 

EXT: Ithaca-Tompkins County Regional Airport
After greetings, we went outside in the cold and the rain to wait for a bus.  It finally came after about 10 or 15 minutes, and we headed toward Cornell. 

INT/EXT: Cornell
By the time we got there, it was in between classes, and it took forever to go through the crosswalks, but after my web design and government discussion sections, I was finally able to take Trevor up to the dorm.  After a quick building tour, we proceeded to the campus -  Lincoln Hall, Uris, Olin, and Kroch, where we went to see the Asia collections.  Unfortunately the museum part was closed, but we got to go into the Asian stacks! It literally felt like a huge warehouse or mainframe clean room.  But it was really cool to see.  After that, we went up toward Duffield – though there was a Trustee Weekend Gala, so we didn’t get to go on the floor of the atrium, but we were able to go up on the bridge.  I suppose this was as much an architectural tour than anything else.  Then a passed by a locked Bailey hall, and over the footbridge and back up to north. We had dinner with Dhaval and Steven at RPCC, before heading up to the games where we played with etch a sketches and operation. Then back to the room – passing the pumpkin carving in the common room. That said, Halloween at college can be quite interesting.  I spent the night running back and forth between the laundry room and my dorm room, but it was fun.
The next day, we got up in the cold and went to the clock tower for the 11 oclock concert – and climbed the 161 steps to watch the chimeplayers on the clavier, which was amazing to watch them dance across the pedals.  After the concert, we went up to the belfry and saw all the bells and took in the great view – Cayuga lake looked a lot bigger from up there!  And it was certainly cold. After that was a trip into the bookstore – looking at math books, a mad scientist book, and more.  Then a walk through collegetown, and a stop in Cascadeli to grab some lunch.  After that was a trip through the Johnson – another first for me, after the Kroch library and clocktower (or belltower as Trevor tells me).  The Johnson was really cool – a nice exhibit on trees with an amazing tree stump bench and tree house art piece, and art pieces on evolutionary trees of things like pleasure.  But one of the strangest pieces of art was actually a video of a grassy field – I forgot the name of it already, but it was quite surreal.  We continued upward, until we got to the 6th floor observation deck, with a beautiful view northward to Cayuga lake, and it looked REALLY big, We went over the suspension bridge, and then I wanted to go bowling, but there was a Cornell Community Only sign. Shucks. So we did pool instead. And I got owned. Oh well.  Then was dinner at RPCC, and after that was videos in the dorm room, but at night we went to the Halloween midnight chimes concert, which was a lot of fun to listen to. And crowded! So much better than sitting in a dorm room all night. It was more crowded than I thought – but it looks fun to play! The marching band did some cool crazy strange things with tubas too. But the tower was lit orange with jack o lantern clock faces, which was cool. Afterwards, we threw stones on top of Olin, and then back to watching videos. Brian came back and showed us some cool collegehumor vids before sleeping.
This morning, we had a breakfast brunch, and then got on a bus to the airport.

INT: Ithaca-Tompkins Country Regional Airport
And I sit here now typing this, as Trevor is on the other side of the glass wall, deplaned from his flight.  But time to catch the bus back to Cornell now – hopefully they get the plane off the ground soon! I’m really glad he came though, I had a great weekend!


Parents’ weekend recap and more coming soon! And it’s snowing! Happy Halloween/Happy November!

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