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So tonight, I went to a lecture with the Cornell Astronomical Society, about the expanding universe. It was small - maybe only a dozen people, but it was pretty interesting - a basic background on cosmology and evidence of an expanding universe. It was in the classroom in the Fuentes Observatory - I've never been there, but it was pretty cool. It seemed somewhat old, but it had that great old furnace and wood furniture smell. I liked it.

However, the storm raging outside, not so much. It's been raining all day today, but it really picked up tonight. All I had was my blue windbreaker/rain jacket. Walking there and back in the dark (there was an older man who went to the lecture who insisted on sharing his umbrella with me on the way there, which was incredibly nice) was in mid 40 degrees, though I suspect wind chill brought that to somewhere in the 30s. And boy, was it windy. Like a hurricane it seemed. Probably 20mph with gusts 10-15mph more. And the rain was light enough that the wind blew it in every which way, it was almost like watching heavy snow come down under the lamps. And the water droplets hit the skin like icy knives piercing through me. Intense stuff.

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