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So I’ve had four days back at school – no classes, just four days to do as I pleased.  And I’d like to try to get my keyboard into blogging again, so here goes.

Thursday, January 20, my first full day back. Ate breakfast with my roommate, Brian, then had to meet Matt from SIG about a new website, over in the café in Olin.  Good meeting.  After that, I went over to the engineering quad to try to scout out some of my classes.  Then I went down to College Town, to Starbucks and got myself a cup of coffee.  Following that, I spent a couple hours in the library on the computer – West Wing, and working on some website things. I bought some of my textbooks afterwards, then went over to a music practice room with a piano. Spent a few hours in there – it was a great time; I could spend hours in there! I guess I did too. Ate dinner in the dining hall, then went upstairs did some stuff on the computer, and watched new winter episodes of Community and 30 Rock. 

Friday, I tried to change my schedule, but ended up getting 5 classes in a row – not the most ideal thing, but it might turn out alright.  There was a decent snowfall Thursday night and Friday morning, which gave a nice landscape. Got to see snowplows going around too! Had breakfast/brunch with Barrett, which was great to catch up. After that, I went back to the dorm a bit, and up to the mall to do some shopping. Stopped in Borders, then went to Target and Tops to stock up on some dorm snacks.  No mall pretzel though, it was closed! That night, also went upstairs, was on the computer more than the TV, but I saw the last episode of Keith Olbermann (by accident though). 

And Saturday was spent mostly trying to study for Chinese, brushing up on what I learned last year. Got a nice seat in the library though – and I could see kids sledding down Libe Slope. Wanted to go around, but it was getting dark but the time I left.  Had some good time talking with Kevin on the phone and catching up about deep stuff!

Today, was the last day before class. Spent most of it with SIG – going over Cornell Exchange, then going up around campus to spread out the umbrellas for the umbrella initiative.  It snowed too – I found that going up and down Libe Slope in heavy wind and snow blowing in my face in single degree digits with a negative wind chill is not a very fun experience. I can’t imagine what it was like for explorers to cross mountains in the winter centuries ago! Tonight, I had a good dinner with Stephen and Dhaval and caught up about break. Then relaxing a bit before an early start to 5.5 straight hours of classes tomorrow!

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