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Do you ever notice how you never seem to have enough time to do stuff?  Even if you know that you can do something in an hour, and you give yourself 2 hours, it takes the whole  2 hours to complete the task!  It happens to me alot - and I end up not doing alot of things that I'd like to do because of it. 
I know it's a random topic, but I'm bored, and thought I'd enter a blog entry.  OH! There was a survey about technology that we took the other day.  I didn't think about it then, but now, I think about it, it's hard to integrate technology into classes because the darn internet blocker that the district uses blocks so many things that could be useful.  Like blogs.  And youtube.  I'm sure they have the fear that we'll abuse the privilege  of sites that aren't blocked.  But I feel as a high school student, most of us have proper judgement, and shouldn't be subjected to an internet blockade that allows us to visit sites that are only appropriate for 6th graders.  Well maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but it becomes frustrating.  Sure I may look at a non-school related Youtube Video, but shouldn't the teachers or staff be able to monitor those uses?  That's why our computer lab allows the teacher computer to view the other desktops of the students - why not integrate that into the classrooms too?  And with youtube, they should be able to disable to "log in" feature, but still allow us to view videos, which can be beneficial to our school work.  For a school that's trying to find new ways to use technology in the classroom, there are alot of things they could try now, that are cost effective, and could create a big impact.    

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