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Another week gone. And my summer resolve has been weakened. School starts next week - I'm in denial! There are quite a few things I didn't get around to this summer - compositions, Lego videos, Disneyland - and thus the weakened soul.  And a nice pun for the week. But to make a long story short - (too late!) - here we go for the week:

Sunday August 8
TV: Persons Unknown (NBC, via hulu) - Joe's back! Sorta.  Well I thought it was an interesting reintroduction, and I loved the new information revealed about The Program. Can't wait for next week!

Monday August 9
Blood test! My mortal fear. Seriously. Not too bad. I was going to do a blog entry entitled: "Doctors, Dentists, and Optometrists, Oh My!" Unfortunately my laziness and business got in the way. Maybe another week. After my mangrove entry. And life after death entry. Possibly.  There are some more things to add to the weakened soul list. How exciting!

Tuesday August 10
Rincon meeting!  Got some great new stuff planned for the website, both for visitors and behind the scenes, and got some updates for the upcoming school year.

Thursday August 11
Had to go to the District Office and fill out some paperwork for work. Then I was kidnapped...sorta. To a place I knew. What an interesting experience. Especially since I thought I was going at 50mph when we were only going around 30.  Anyways, I had a great time a Trevor's house with everyone - thanks so much for the gift too guys! Monty Python was (pretty much) a good laugh, and I loved Office Space. And my few hours of sleep, after being awakened at 3am hearing dripping coffee and talk about fractions...

Friday August 12
First I went over to Rowland to watch the kids at band camp.  I wish I could have gone later and watched drill because they were only in basics block. And I felt like I couldn't step on the track or field as a non-member. So I stayed back on the concrete at the fence. But I kind of did a wave-nod thing to Peter and Kat! But then I had to leave early for IB Dinner at Souplantation! With Suradeth. So that was great to see everyone one last time before leaving - I had a great time, even though we had a little rocky start at separate tables. But the long table at the end was good fun. As was boba at Quickly's - I realize it was probably my last chance to get authentic cheap Asian boba before I leave!

And that's pretty much it for now - hopefully I can get some other blog entries that I've been kicking around my head typed soon.

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