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This week was marked by gatherings – both planned and unplanned, some TV watching, a lot of hours put in on the Rincon Website (changes that are not live yet, but I’m getting to it!), and my driving test!

Saturday 7/31
IB reunion!  Moved parks, first at Heritage, then Schabarum Park.  Grilled chicken and sausage, thanks to Yongjin and Daniel. I went for a 10 minute half hike with Yasitha which was pretty fun, and I got to test out the zoom on my camera.  I love the views from up on the trail – I just wish the climate was more prone to large trees rather than wild west looking brush and burnt remains of last year’s grasses.  But it was a lot of fun seeing the people who were able to make it, as well as climbing trees and going to the playground.  

Monday 7/26
TV: Persons Unknown (NBC) on Hulu – I keep loving this show more and more. What happened to Joe!? And I do enjoy the Renbe plot on the outside, and how the views have more information than the kidnapped victims.  Unless that’s what they want us to think.

Tuesday 7/27
Grilled Cheese sandwiches!  So my dad cooked those for around brunch.  And then Virginia called to see if I wanted to go to Souplantation with her, Kamaron, and Tedman – and if I could print out some coupons.  So printed I did, and went over there. It was great to see them all, talk and catch up and what not.  Driving, MIT, college, certain people I hang out with.  And good blueberry muffins.  It was a very pleasant surprise to receive that call, and I had a great time.  (Plus I got a chance to practice my driving!)

TV: Warehouse 13 (syfy), fashion models aging and a mysterious camera.  Not a bad episode, the show varies to cater to my liking and not.  I think I really like the characters, just not the plots as much.  But it’s good to watch a (mostly) light hearted show in the midst of our post 9/11 television age. Like shows like The Colony (Discovery) – which I watched as well!  It was okay as well. I thought introducing an outside threat so early was upping the ante, but I do miss having a bunch of PhD’s and scientists.  I know other viewers prefer “regular people” but I really enjoyed the dynamics of last year’s group.

Wednesday 7/28
Driving test in Whittier! I’ll admit it, I was nervous – in fact my leg was shaking during part of the test. My right leg. Which probably wasn’t the best thing for my driving, but regardless, I passed with only 2 mistakes!   Went to Best Buy also, for laptop scouting – the last big thing I really need to get taken care of before college.  Besides that whole wisdom tooth thing.

Thursday 7/29
Anthony Weiner’s rant in Congress.  Regardless of his presentation, it’s pretty obvious there’s some passion and anger in there.  Nevertheless, interesting to see, and I have some thoughts on the subject that I won’t post in public!  However,  I’d just like to put the open ended question that when someone on the right goes on an angry rant, it’s alright.  But when someone on the left does so, the pundits have a field day.  Just an observation; maybe I’ll put some more thoughts on that later.

Friday 7/30
Another pleasant surprise phone call, when Simon asked if I wanted to eat at Denny’s with him, Lauren, and Jason.  I went (though I didn’t get to drive on my own!) and got there before Jason did.  I had a good time seeing them again – truthfully, I wasn’t sure if I’d see any of them again before I left, so that was wonderful.  We talked about a lot of things – though I felt like those teen shows where the kids have their hangout place. Or Arthur and the Sugar Bowl!  But it was great to meet up with them and talk about band and school and people and everything. 
After that, I went with my mom to get new cell phones, and then to Anaheim Band to get my clarinet looked at.  I finally bought a new met/tuner to replace the one I lost.  Practice on my CU Winds Audition piece continues, I  think I’m improving, but I hope to master it before I get my wisdom teeth out this week. On the way back, we got Popeye’s Chicken!

TV/Radio: I found a new RADIO show!  On NPR, KPCC 89.3, Comedy Congress with Pat Morrison.  I think Comedy Congress is aired sporadically, but I love the humor about politics – and I suppose intelligent humor at that.  No Weiner jokes.  At least so far.  But I can see why some conservatives may view NPR as a lefty liberal conspiracy (though they did make fun of the Dems too!) And Eureka (syfy) was pretty good too – nice to see Zoe in college (that’s me next year!) and while I didn’t care much for the “funny” scientist, I am enjoying this season, and again the lightheartedness of the show.

Saturday 7/31

TV: PBS 50’s, 60’s, 70’s shows with my parents, and they have a new Aretha Franklin special.  I love that PBS is really preserving the music, especially because I enjoy it!  Too bad their fundraising breaks go so long though. 

Sunday 8/1
Cornell Sendoff!  It was a luncheon at an alumni’s house (and Cornell family)  I met a lot of great new students like myself and current students (though I forgot a lot of names!)  It did give me some confidence about the upcoming weeks, that I can hold my own pretty well when I don’t know anyone.  Hopefully I’ll run into these people again.  But this event was great, because the great trepidation  of uplifting roots and moving across the country was somewhat subsided – I think I feel a little more mentally ready to go to college. 

Week In Preview:
This week it looks like a movie day, maybe Hollywood Bowl, and a trip to the dentist office.  Hopefully a little more blogging too!

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