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So what did I do over Fall Break? Well I went to a wondrous and magical place called Ithaca. No not in Greece, but in New York.  So I suppose a day by day breakdown is in order.

So Friday night I went to a guest lecture about quantum physics, experiments, and what we could possibly know by 2020. Granted there was a lot I didn’t understand, but there was a lot of interesting information about CERN and dark matter. Back in the dorm it was quiet – very quiet. I was the only one in my suite who stayed over the break – in fact the only one on my hallway on the floor.  It was strange to be so silent. At first it was kinda nice – but then it got eerie. It was like a post apocalyptic movie. Groups of one or two kids roaming the building listlessly searching for other survivors. As it turned out, there were 7 survivors on my floor.  That night was my last dining hall meal before they shut down and I was out on my own – if anything doesn’t say post apocalyptic than a closed dining hall, I don’t know what does. (Okay, nasties was open, but a grill where you have to pay doesn’t count. Plus I’m not sure if the nutrition value is much more than lard on a piece of cardboard – tastes much better though).

But the weekend in general was full of cold nights – close to 32! A lot of procrastination, late nights, and late morning wake up times.  And full of the West Wing, Good Eats – haven’t watched that in forever! – and the Apollo Space Program. And refalling in love with my love of space. Which brings back more questions about my studies – and the need for something more technical in addition to government and STS (and maybe a music minor). Infosci doesn’t seem to cut it anymore.  Though I doubt in real life rocket launches were accompanied by a moving soundtrack. 
 So Saturday I got my voter information in the mail! First election! I need to do that soon! I also made my first trip up to the Ithaca mall. It was kind of nice to get out of the little Cornell bubble – the trip up felt a lot longer than the trip back though. Even when I went today. So I went to the mall – which by SoCal standards is not a mall, but it’s what we’ve got here.  They do have a Borders here though, so maybe that makes up for it! Stopped by there for a bit, then over to Best Buy to look at cameras.  After that was a walk to the other side (while stopping for a pretzel!) to Target – looking at boots and coats, and stocking up on food – including frozen dinners, canned soup, frozen veggies, and a microwave bowl.  And a quick stop at AC Moore for some fall gourd decorations.  Then nighttime was an hour long apples to apples with Alex, David and Lelani. I spent more David and Alex over break since they both stayed as well. 

Sunday I intended to work, and started off with a beautiful work around Beebe Lake. As isolated as Cornell is, it can seem like a bustling city sometimes. But then walking the trail was beautiful – it was like walking in the middle of nature – which I suppose is the point.  I still didn’t get much work done though.
 Monday I actually got down to work. I went to the commons in the afternoon, first time since I visited Ithaca in spring. Actually, the bus stop was right across the street from the hotel. I was going to go to the Dairy Bar again and get a smoothie, but it started sprinkling. Figuring it was too cold and I had a starbucks card in my wallet, I went to the hotel Starbucks instead to get a caffe mocha. And I took the 10 bus back, so we got to go around on the west side of the loop and go over the Thurston bridge, which was nice, even in the rain. I went to practice clarinet a bit in Lincoln, as the building was open Monday.

Then today, people started coming back, and life sprung back into campus – though yeah it was a bit loud again. I made another Target/Best Buy trip so that I could get some ink. And another pretzel! And Han was there, so we rode back together, which was fun. Then I practiced a bit more clarinet. Came back, went to dinner with Zach, Mike, Ariel, and Tim. Good to have ice cream again!  And now Glee while I’m writing this. Web Design mid term tomorrow – hopefully I do well!

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