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Well it’s been a long time since I’ve done this – maybe the first time this semester. And boy, did it pass by very quickly.  I’m not sure where to start to talk about it!

Chinese class has been interesting. My section is small – 7 people altogether, but it’s nice and comfy.  Wen Side and Song Aiwen are both in my class again from last semester, and so is Han Hee, who I met on the first week of school. Ben is in my lecture class, so that’s been good too.  The class has gotten harder and easier at the same time. It’s nice to now have a base to build off of from the first semester, and be able to translate things into English. It’s a lot easier to learn new passages when most of the words aren’t new, and I can translate from English to Chinese in my head! However, there has been a plethora of new grammatical structures this semester, which has been harder. 

And I’m in multivariable Calculus for engineers – the wonders of Math 1920.  It’s been hard and easy too. It started off alright, and I’ve done pretty well on all my prelims so far, but as the course goes on, the material gets harder. I suppose that’s to be expected too though. The professor has been pretty good, she has an entertaining teaching style.

For STS, I’m doing What is Science, which has been a really fun class.  Especially section class. Even though it’s a an intensive writing course, I have greatly enjoyed it, and I get an extra credit out of it!

Information Science research has been really enjoyable too.  A lot of reading on design theories, and actual work in it too.  I’ve met and worked with some really amazing people! Because of it, I actually used the library for books for the first time! A lot of books actually.

I suppose my study habits have changed a bit. Not as many nights studying until 11 – I’m doing more of that in my dorm than in the library/music practice rooms. Though Reid has asked me a few times if I use the practice rooms for practice (And I have! Especially for our April concert – the repertoire has been very challenging and difficult this time around, but fun too!) I’m not in Uris as much as I used to be – especially not the stacks, but the Kinkaid (Kinkdale? I’m not sure what it’s called actually), and the White Library are still fun places to study! But more recently I’ve discovered the Olin 7th floor stacks with their amazing floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Arts Quad and a great view of Cayuga Lake. First time in the Music Library this week too – very bright, well lit, and lots of desks with electrical outlets! I can see a lot more study sessions in there (even if they’re not open as long as the other libraries).  Got my first DVDs this week from Olin – 30 Rock season 1!

I’m getting back into a good balance of work and fun in the past couple weeks. A while back, right after spring break, things were getting hectically stressful. Prelims. Summer apps. Club drama. Not enough sleep. Classwork. Feeling like I had missed opportunities.  Asking the what ifs. Socially, educationally. Feeling a little alone and isolated. The little sad feeling knowing that I wouldn't be able to know and freshmen next year and be able to show them the ropes. Workaholic mode. Things are better now. Finding some more free time, a more balanced life.  Things are not as hectic as they were. Catching up with friends who I haven’t seen for a while - had brunch with Barrett last week, lunch with Dhaval this week, and dinner with Stephen tonight. Went to Jazz Fest concert last weekend, Doctor Who premiere this weekend. And 100th episode of 30 Rock (maybe I’ll get back to my TV reviews when I’m back in the swing of things). Maybe back to my review of my senior year of high school too.

That’s probably it for now – should talk about lunches with Han, spring break, Stargate, some other class things…I’m sure there’s even more that I can’t remember now. I’ll try to blog a little more often before the semester is over (seeing that there’s time now!) And badminton, Conan, Jimmy Fallon, CUPB, eDenice, and more!

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