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Ok, so people who avidly follow me and make up my awesome fan club are probably wondering why I'm going back to the #worldslongestmarathon hashtag.  What, you're not in my official fan club?  Well that's alright. If you said yes, that's a bit scary.  

Anyways, #worldslongestmarathon is a hashtag I came up with last year to document my IB senior year on Twitter.  So I thought this year (as I document my freshman year of college with #collegemarathon, which it soon will be) that I'd go back and see what I can remember each week from last year.  It's not exactly a diary, but I'll see how helpful it is.  It's better than taking a week's worth of tweets by themselves - that'd be unmanageable!  I also had to be a bit politically cautious about things I posted on Twitter last year, so I’ll see if I can remember those things or not.  So it’s like reliving my senior year. In a cool way. So here we go!

Tweets first:
•  Day 3 of IB senior year - it's the #worldslongestmarathon. really. -_)-
•  Day 4 of the #worldslongestmarathon.RHS parking lot lines soo long-why?!?! never was before. anyways, finished math hw while my dad drove =)
•  is this "let's not im richmond day?" =( just another day (5!) in the #worldslongestmarathon called ib senior year

Let’s see what I remember.  I didn’t start this idea until the third day of school, but I do remember the first day of school, my agenda being filled completely, with no spare room.  Granted, most of it was extra supplies and papers to be signed, but it freaked me out.  I usually had a fair amount of blank space in my agenda (and I would later on in the year) – not tons, but enough to feel like I had time for some fun – but now I had an idea about how much work senior year of IB would be.

Day 4, I remember my dad picking me up in the Mercedes after school, and I was sitting in there.  This is a pretty distinct memory now, the lines were really long, he was trying to go out the back gate. And with all the influx of homework, I figured I’d worth on math homework – which I’m sure was one of Dawdy’s worksheets with algebra review based on the time in the year, but I don’t remember.  

And I don’t remember that first Friday. I think I was trying to send instant messages to a bunch of people and no one responded. Though that’s happened a few times, but it seems like that’s what happened.

Ok, maybe not the most interesting week, but I’m sure it’ll get better!  


Virginia wrote: “…I received this error: "There are too many exclamation points in your comment. Please remove some exclamation points and try again." …”

Answer: Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jowel wrote: “PC PRIDE ALL THE WAY!!!”

Answer: =D

Yongjin wrote: “Did you... like... eat the the bagel after wiping your face with it?”

Answer: er….is there something wrong with that? I don’t think there was much of a difference on how soggy the bagel was between the water on my face and the downpour coming down from the sky. And it wasn’t really a wipe. More like a dab.

Priscilla wrote: “You might be the only person to ever compare Disneyland to a college book store! :)”

Answer: only the lines! It’s not as fun. There’s no Space Mountain in a book store (though I suppose if I turn my iPod on and run up and down the stairs…but it’s just not the same). And I do wish I could kick a stand once in a while here =) Thanks for the good luck, I’ll find out the results soon!
9/2/2010 03:01:57 pm

Sure, "dab". yeah, "dab". We call, "wiping our face and hair with the bagel" - "dabbing" now. Interesting.


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