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Alright, I wasn’t going to blog tonight, but I realized that if I did, it would make 50 consecutive days of blogging! And then I’m going to stop after tonight. Well not stop completely, but try to go back to once a week or being more sporadic. Possibly. But probably not every night – especially once school starts. Besides, blog entries are somewhat like homemade popcorn. If there’s not a whole lot to write about/pop, then it’s not really worth it as much to turn on the stove and make it. Likewise, the more often you make it, the less value the popcorn making/blog writing process becomes.

Possibly. Again, we’ll see how I feel – if I miss it terribly, I may just continue doing another 50 consecutive days.

Anyways, today was the wrap up session at the Farmers Market for Cornell in Hollywood – though I’ve still got another 3 days of interning before I’m done. After that, my family went to Philippe’s for French dip sandwiches (the original!) which were pretty good. Coming back we stopped at Costco (ran into Sharon and Jessica), and Sam Ash (reeds!). Tonight took my nephew to see Harry Potter, along with the guys, (saw other Sharon afterwards) along with a quick trip into Toys R Us. Good day overall! Very tired tonight though. Got excited during the trailers to see the War Horse trailer again – beautiful music in there, I’d bet that it’s John Williams’ music in the soundtrack (he’s scoring the movie, which is Spielberg’s of course). And during Harry Potter, I was yet again excited by the music (not squealing like last time though), and was able to catch on some things I didn’t see the first time (magical hand sanitizer?) and re-enjoy some parts I loved last time. And annoyed with some of the same parts too! But I
was glad to see it again (and would be willing to see it a third! Just saying…)

So again, good day today. Until I decide to pop again…

8/6/2011 04:41:00 pm

Ew... Sharon just told me she saw you!


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