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Work/Intern: Back to the long days of interning. The stuff I do is pretty interesting though – today I was looking for some web sites and tie ins that might be possibilities for a mobile app that is being developed.

Commute: Long as always. Napped on the Metrolink train to Union Station. Strange characters on the bus. Miss London transport – more on that soon (and some comparisons to come at a later date)

Debt Ceiling: Missed a lot today. Saw the markets fall a lot when they opened this morning, was home as Speaker Boehner was responding to President Obama. And saw that wonderful “Countdown to Default” countdown clock in the bottom corner of CNN.

And now why LA Public Transport (transportation for Americans) is so bad – there are trains in like a backwards C shape. There’s a network downtown, in the San Fernando Valley (Northwestish) and in Orange County (Southwestish), but from Hollywood to the coast, there’s NOTHING. Except buses. But figuring out those isn’t that easy. Basically it boils down to planning a trip that’s about 5-6 miles by bus SHOULD NOT TAKE AN HOUR to figure out. </rant> I just wish it was like in London, where practically every bus stop had a map of the bus lines in the near vicinity (so I would be able to go my 5 or 6 miles by looking at a bus stop and not spending an hour reading through online timetables because the metro auto planner wasn’t working), and schedules posted for each on posts at the bus stops. It was very easier as an foreigner/outsider coming to London to make sense of their transport system – I live in the LA area, and I can’t even make sense of it. Very different. But at least I have my plan for my 16 hour long day tomorrow. Commuting from inland is just great. Though I have a lot of respect for those who do this on a regular basis, every week of the year.  

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