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Ok quick blog entry for the week.

It’s only been four days! Tuesday I had my first badminton class, which was pretty cool.  That one was just free play. Also had a government lecture and my second writing seminar essay assigned.  Wednesday was more on Chinese grammar, and more XHTML tags in info.  Had a programming board meeting, discussing the upcoming Donald Glover visit (hopefully I’ll get to work!) and some other things.  Seems like a good group.  I tabled for a bit around the lunch hour on Wednesday and met some upperclassmen from CUPB. Thursday was back to badminton (got a sore arm that day!) and a cancelled government lecture.  So I got some time for homework – or procrastination , however you want to look at it.  But during Wind Symphony practice, I got bumped up to second clarinet, since one of the seconds switched to bass. Which is pretty cool, but all new music to learn now – and less rests too! That night I went up to the FIR for their open house. They have a really nice apartment – seems like something out of Manhattan rather than a dorm! Saw Grace up there, which was pretty cool.  Friday was a pretty easy day, and the first government discussion section.  Interesting group of people there…you need to be able to work with all times in life though, right? But based on our discussions, it sure seems like it will be a lively class at the very least.  Today, I went to an Alumni Student Mentoring Program brunch, which was cool for free food, meeting alum, and seeing Han again.  Also went to see Toy Story 3 with Barrett.  A second time with the emotional roller coaster ride! Though there were some jokes I didn’t notice the first time! It was great fun. And there were a lot more people tonight, unlike Iron Man 2 which had like 20. Tonight was probably closer to 200. Though to be fair, tonight was an earlier showing, which would include families, Ithaca residents, and Cornell kids for their preparty festivities.  Earlier, I went to the Computer Reuse Association to get some basic training in how to reformat their computers – which was similar to Rincon, except they have more preloaded disks! Anyways, if I have time this semester, that will be a good cause to work on.

I’ve also started on a new script this week about anthropomorphic books…we’ll see where that goes. I'm resuming my West Wing rewatch marathon from where I left off in season 3 over spring break, an

Anyways, time for #worldslongestmarathon redux!
•    #worldslongestmarathon day 11 culminated in a nap! and the colony is on tonight! and...3? more weeks until NCIS! YAY!!
•    throughthegate: day 12 of the #worldslongestmarathon was a 15 hour stretch. i should have printed my own set of drill charts for band. =(
•    #worldslongestmarathon day 13! not bad, finally got to watch obama's school speech! saw part of last night's health care speech also
•    day 14 of the #worldslongestmarathon - back to school assembly! spanish essay!

Tuesday (11) I took a nap when I got home – something I’d do more often as the year went on.  I’m still watching the colony this year (on discovery), though I stopped watching NCIS.  Just too many things to keep track of! Though this year I might get back in. Wednesday, was my 15 hour stretch because we had band practice on Wednesday because of Labor Day.  I believe I printed drill sheets but not the charts – which I find useful.  So I printed those later on I believe. Though I don’t remember what we did that night! I think the same thing happened this year.  Day 13 we got to watch a recorded version of Obama’s school speech in Mrs. Loza’s class, because the school didn’t want to use up too much bandwidth on Wednesday.  And then the back to school assembly! With the heroes! I remember that! I got to sit up in the stands instead of being down on the field with band or a club – the first time in all 4 years! That was pretty fun, though it was sunny.  It was really sad when some kids thought it’d be cool to boo Mr. Brunyer when he came on. Can you say disrespectful? But I’m glad things got better in the year. I also remember the hero theme somewhat. I know the history teachers were villains! With cool black tshirts, haha. And the firefighters were there as real heroes! But they were called to an emergency in the middle of the assembly and ran off through the field in a coordinated line! (I have a video somewhere, and put some pictures up on facebook recently). Anyways, great production put on by ASB last year!

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