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Today was pretty good, love Bagel Wednesdays in the office! Had an onion bagel today – tried the honey flavored cream cheese too, which was pretty good (not sure it really goes well with an onion bagel though). Workwise, I got some good feedback from yesterday’s research, and today was a continuation of that, adding more. It’s harder on the second day though, all the easy leads were taken on the first day, and you have to dig deeper now. Though that’s a fun challenge, and it makes it more rewarding when you’re able to find something! Sent in my info on my two topics and got some more good feedback. Would have gone for frozen yogurt today too with some office people, but I had to leave to catch the train before I could go – oh well, next time perhaps.

On the way back, there was a light out, or they were doing construction, and there were either police or Edison people directing traffic. I got off the bus early, and walked up from Sunset Boulevard to Hollywood Boulevard to catch the subway across from the El Capitan. Interesting to see how much can change within the space of a block or two, from where “real Californians” are to the touristy areas, and looking at how glitzy stuff is (or isn’t) – it’s amazing how fast areas can change. But it was quite crowded, Hollywood Boulevard was actually blocked off in front of the El Capitan, could be filming, but I think it might have been some Disney related premiere (premieres happen on Wednesdays, right?) – but it was a little faster (I think) walking and catching the subway than going on the bus to the other stop I usually get on the subway. The Hollywood Boulevard station was quite nice too! And it was somewhat obvious seeing who the tourists were using the subway as opposed to regular commuters (a bit like in London actually – or any big city probably.)

Some fun YouTube commercials I’ve been watching – love the fun quirkiness of the songs!

Twix Cops Singing (which is always shown before Conan when watching episodes online, and is apt to get stuck in my head)
2 GE Commercials with singing workers

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