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Wow, I’ve been at school for a week now – went by fast. Some highlights of the week perhaps?
  • Sick! Not a positive highlight, but I suppose an important thing that happened nonetheless.
  • Meeting with STS Director of Undergraduate Studies – I felt like it was a good meeting, and the S&TS issues he talked about really attracted my interest. Also feel better about planning the next 2.5 years of classes, and possible paths I may go down.
  • Tons of homework – hundreds of pages of reading, problem sets – and it’s only been 3 days of classes!
  • Liking the house system – Flora Rose is nice. Quieter than last year’s dorm, but it’s alright. I love my ceiling fan! Makes things great. The computer lab, library area, and dining hall downstairs are all wonderful. Makes meeting up for breakfast convenient, even if it’s just continental breakfast. I just wish the food pantry had more food in stock than coffee, honey, and half a bowl of raisin bran!
  • Peer Advising – nice to meet freshmen, I spoke a little about this last time – it was a great experience!
  • Work! – Working on the Santana Website – and had our first TA meeting for Info 1300, will be doing more work on that this week and the rest of the semester!
  • Interesting classes – even with all the reading, there’s a lot of interesting material to look at – Facebook and Twitter in international relations, in Networks, evolution (and how testicles provide evidence for it…), where food comes from. Some interesting stuff!
  • Casino Night – Made $1100 off of blackjack (even though they gave us $800 or so to start with). Got some raffle tickets, but don’t think I won anything…but it was 2 hours of fun (was only going to stay for 1 hour) – fun with some guys at the blackjack table. I feel pretty good that I got that far ahead, since I was down to very very little for a while.
Bill Nye '77 (feel like I'm the Daily Sun, with the year numbers) shows his humor in his slideshow as well.
  • Bill Nye (the science guy! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!) – who was here for the dedication of a solar clock that he designed (class of ’77!). Besides being a regular clock, it measures solar noon (the time of day when the sun is highest in the sky) – he gave a lecture about sun dials – they’re COOL!! (as he would say. I have some pics on Facebook if you’re able to see them.) Stories about his father (captured in WWII), mother (who worked on the Enigma codebreaking! – CTY Cryptography and IB 20th Century IA topics!!!!). He’s just as great in real life as he is on tv – very humorous – dare I say it, he’s an icon of our generation. Very touching at the end as the University Choir came in singing the Alma Matter, and you could see him singing along with the chorus!
  • Badminton – Went to Noyes to play badminton, had some fun – I’m out of shape! Sore arms…but that will be something nice to look forward to for an hour or two on weekends.
  • Hurricane! – Been watching a lot of cable news coverage (of course it’s smart to stand in the ocean up to your chest where flood waters and high tides have come up.) Always interesting to watch them out and about (I guess it spikes ratings?) – Got our email here telling us to shut our windows tomorrow for wind gusts. Hope everyone in the path of Irene stays safe. We’ll see the situation on the ground (especially NYC) tomorrow. Suppose it’s a good thing I’m going to school relatively far inland (though it’d be more exciting if I were somewhere like Columbia I suppose).
But it’s been quite an eventful week! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester brings!

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