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Well I'd wait for my weekend review but today seems special enough to warrant a blog (postponing 2 other entries I'm working on!). So perhaps a short game of good news bad news - bad first. Not the best day for parent-child relations. A few words about driving, responsibility, and the fears of a parent. I don't have to like everything my parents say but I sure do respect it and can understand where they're coming from. And the good news - pretty much the rest of the day. So first off my YouTube find of the day - governor Schwarzenegger's channel. At first I couldn't get past the 
accent. Imagine him saying/half shouting "they're not spending their money - it's your money!" But after getting past that I realized he made some sense. I may not agree with all of our governor's decisions but I can sure respect him - especially since he doesn't follow the line of the...stereotypical neocon republican. That said if he were up for reelection today, I'd have a pretty hard time deciding my vote.

But onto the really good meaty juicy (chocolatey!) stuff!  So today was movie marathon day at Kevin's! Plus Rock Band which is always fun. It was my first long (relatively) driving trip!  I thought the highlight of my day was going to be watching clue. Partly because I didn't want everyone to look at me strangely when Jake and I re-enact the singing telegram. And partly because of the humor and gags, which are always fun to watch! And partly just to show everyone else what an awesome movie it is! I am so glad that we all watched it - we can have more inside jokes now! Which is always good to have! Anyways, just about the whole group was there, and then Kevin and Jake disappear, and then I realize it was all (well that's probably an overstatement, but most definitely part of it!) a ruse; I was just a pawn in a scheme! Like the reveal at the end of the Fifth Act.  And I come to learn it's a bit of a going away celebration.  So much thanks to everyone for that - and the huge 7 POUND CHOCOLATE CAKE.  Believe me, I don't need to add on 7 pounds, but I do love the cake! (Pics at the end of the post) So I love all of them, they're like a surrogate family to me, and I'm so glad that I have them as friends and that we're still able to meet up and get together. I'm going to miss everyone so much! But I do feel very lucky - surprises are the types of things I hear about from other people, or tv shows! Never did I expect it to ever happen to me. So thank you so much, you really made my day - well probably my whole summer!!!

And after Kevin's was the Hollywood Bowl, where I was able to watch my first Dudamel concert! He was AMAZING!! Thanks so much to my cousin who helped get us tickets! Among the highlights were West Side Story, Rhapsody in Blue, and An American in Paris.  Dudamel just has so much energy - it seems like he is one with the music - like the music controls his movements, and his movements control the music. It was an almost magical experience, to see his arms wave, body jump, eyebrows move, and his hair fly about.  And hearing those pieces live was wonderful too.  It's been a few years since I've had the chance to go to the Bowl, but it feels like one of the LA Musts I should do before I leave for college - especially Dudamel and the LA Phil! Anyways, I'm glad I had the chance to go listen and watch!

Thanks guys! Bittersweet cake, isn't it?
Monster Cake of Doom!

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