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Today there was a small breakfast group – Alexis, Stephanie, Adam, and myself, for the regular croissants. Maybe I should have slept in today – oh well, it was alright. Today’s session was on Globalisation. I didn’t get a lefty desk though – talk about inclusion/exclusion! In the morning we did a lot of discussion – first the presentation of our human rights articles from last week, and there was some good discussion on nationality versus citizenship, the use of torture in regards to suspected terrorists, and the right to life. It was interesting to see how we used language in these debates versus how words are used in the more political debates.  We went into globalisation, talking about our views on it, and the use of the media, which provided for a very lively discussion.

For lunch I elected to go with a sandwich – which was pretty good – and I got ice cream and  chocolate and a pack of crisps!

In the afternoon session, we had some more lecture, on 8 different facets of globalization. We did some group research looking at examples of globalism. Our group did China and creolisation, while other groups did liberalization in Korea and transnationalisation in Mexico. It was a fun bit.

We came back, and played a couple fun games of mafia – Sophia and Katie are pretty good narrators. We made it through a somewhat nervous and awkward dinner back came out alright. After that, Adam, Alexis, Kevin, Sophia, and I went to Westfield mall. Brendan came along to go meet a cousin, and left at Hammersmith. It was great at night – though a little bit darker from the skylight. I bought another Thomas book, and sat and did some reading. I was thinking about getting starbucks, but decided not to – lucky me, Alexis bought a pack of ice cream!  Coming back took a while. It was raining (also when we left too), and the bus took a long time to get here, and I fell asleep a bit on the way back.

We came back and some of the group was watching hunger. But now we’re watching the movie Four Lions – a humorous take on secutiy and terror – focusing more on terror from what we’re seeing now. It’s much more peaceful than hunger, but a lot of fun too. It’s nice with the rain coming outside – gotta go watch now!

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